A Mother’s Intuition with Schick Intuition

Okay, what is this hairy legged creature? Oh, it’s MY leg.


I USED to be the gal that always had silky smooth legs. I prided myself in making sure there was never a trace of stubble. And if I happened to forget to shave and needed to go to the doctor, and then the doctor had to see my leg or knee, I was horrified.

But, then motherhood intervened and blessed me with two beautiful children. My legs then took a back seat as did many other things that I used to care about. The focus was then placed on making sure my kids were properly cared for and that I gave them the attention they deserved.

Now, as they get older, my son is 9 and my daughter 8; I feel it is time to get a bit of “ME” back. I don’t know about the rest of you moms out there but I definitely have forgotten the most important thing for being a mom – taking care of myself.

Little things like painting my nails, shaving my legs, putting on make up, styling my hair rarely occurs these days because “I just don’t have the time” . 

Or, I guess I should say: As soon as I get in the shower, somebody needs something or there is a crisis going on. Whether it be our new pup getting something she shouldn’t have and the kids can’t get it from her, or someone not being able to get their favorite app to work, or someone’s got to pee, it seems moms ALWAYS get interrupted by a yell or banging on the bathroom door. That’s pretty much why my normal bathroom routine for the past 9 years has been: jump into shower, get wet, wash hair, wash body, and get out , all within 5 minutes.

Now, my kids can wait a few minutes and watch tv or color or play a game while I have a shower and take a few extra moments for myself. Shaving my legs included.


 Schick Intuition has managed to make shaving my legs even less time consuming.  I got the shaver wet and started shaving my legs, nothing else was needed! You’ll see in the video how quickly I was able to shave my sasquatch legs – only 1 little knick and COMPLETELY smooth legs, not a single stubbly hair left!

This razor has lasted me 3 more shaves and still is not dull and still has lots of the bar of soap around it. I think it would be safe to say that it will last a month of shaving, maybe even longer depending on how often I shave.

The  Schick® Intuition® Advanced Moisture Razor has 4 wonderous blades that are sharp but not so much that you get a thousands knicks on your legs while shaving.

The soap bar (formulated with shea butter ) that encompasses the blades lathers up great but not so much that I would have to re-shave an area at least 4 times like I do when using gels/foams.

The Schick® Intuition® Advanced Moisture Razor shaved minutes off shaving my legs as well as shaving the hair off my wooly mammoth legs!













Now I am slowly taking extra time for me, at least every 3 days, which definitely keeps me feeling and looking good!


  • I received this product for free to review from A Mom’s Perspective and Schick Intuition. All opinions expressed herein are my own.

Crayola Review and #Giveaway !

Recently we won a Crayola prize package from the Yummy Mummy Club.


I was super excited to receive this prize pack. Crayola has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. Each year when we went to buy school supplies I couldn’t wait to buy that pack of crayons.

I was totally jealous when my best friend got the huge pack of crayons with the sharpener in the back.

They had so many colors to choose from!

Crayola has come a long way from the early days of creating beautiful colored pictures.

They have a vast array of hues/shades/colors, they also make special themed packs of crayons! We recently picked up some packs of the minion themed crayons to make sure we had the proper colors for coloring in our Minion coloring book.

One of the most innovative and awesome products that has been introduced to us is:

 MESS FREE Coloring: Color Wonder.

Crayola came up with coloring books and paper that can produce colors when using the colorless markers!

The only thing close to that innovative idea years ago was the little mystery books with hidden images and you used invisible ink to scribble over the page to make images appear.


       But, having colors appear as you create your own images? That’s just awesome!

When my kids were about 2 and 3 years old they got to draw/paint with their first Color Wonder sets. We had a pad of Color Wonder paper, set of Color Wonder Markers and a fingerpaint Color Wonder set. They thought it was amazing when they used the markers/paint on the paper and colors magically appeared!

Since then we have purchased many Color Wonder sets including Disney:Cars, Barbie, Dora and more!

My kids LOVE crayola products and continuously ask for new products to try. The most recent one was Color Alive. You would color a picture and then use Crayola’s android app to bring the image to life(and 3D!). This definitely is an idea what would’ve seemed so “out of this world” 30 years ago!

My son also received the Crayola Easy Animation Studio for Christmas 2 years ago. He has had lots of fun creating little videos with it and looks forward to creating many more!

Ps: It’s on CLEARANCE right now! Click the link below

(I get nothing if you choose to click it – non affiliate)


On my kids wish list is:









Plus they’ve mentioned a few more! And people wonder why my walls and fridge are filled with my kids artwork.

Do you know a school that could use some help with art supplies like crayons, markers, paint etc? Did you know that Crayola is giving out up to 20 grants this year(2017)? Click the link below to find out more information and to get started applying now!


Did you know that the peach crayon (now) is the same color that was once referred to as “flesh” color?

I remember asking for the “flesh colored crayon” when I was younger. I never realized that it’s name had changed.

Did you know that in 1993 a crayon color called “macaroni and cheese” was introduced?

Want to know more about the history of Crayola crayon colors?

Click here: http://www.crayola.ca/about-us/crayon-chronology.aspx

Crayola is quality. There is no other brand that we choose when buying crayons, colored pencils and markers.

Many thanks again to Yummy Mummy Club and Crayola  for our prize pack.

Our prize box was abundant with so many fun things to try out that my kids wanted to shared some of it with you!

Head on over to YouTube (

Giveaway Rules:

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Shopkins and More Giveaway

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5 Winners – 3 prizes Worldwide , 1 Canada Only and 1 USA only

Ends October 31st 2016!


Product Review – Kiss Naturals

My kids and I love trying out new products especially when it involves products/toys for them.
I was very excited when I had found out that I had won a giveaway from Kiss Naturals
on Momma’s Little Reviews & Giveaways blog page.

There was a bit of a delay in receiving the prize but as soon as the company was contacted they sent one out right away!


Kiss Naturals is a Canadian based company that provides quality kits made with natural products for kids to make their own beauty products. Kiss Naturals “source our ingredients from local suppliers, including packing and assembly in Canada”.

On a rainy afternoon, my daughter and I sat down to make some lip balm while hubby and son went Pokemon Go hunting.


Making the lip balm was extremely easy and for the most part my daughter, who is 7, could do everything herself. The only part I did was mixing the wax up as the little measuring cup we were using in the microwave got a bit hot for her fingers.


If you would like to add color to your lip balm, just use a food base food coloring.

We learned the hard way….make sure you mix the food coloring into your shea butter BEFORE adding to the beeswax for melting/. Otherwise it just won’t mix in!

(See photo below!)


We had a lot of fun making this kit and look forward to trying out some of their other kits available!

I really appreciate knowing that the ingredients are natural and safe for my kids to use!


If you would like to purchase a kit to try with your kids you can do so by clicking on the photo/link below!


                                    Order Kiss Naturals Products Here



I don’t even know how to begin with this post.

“Hi, my name is Heather and I have a weak bladder.”

“Hi, my name’s Heather and I pee a little if I cough too hard.”

“Hi, I’m Heather. And I’d like to talk to you about something that affects 25-45% of women.” Yep. that’s the one….here we go:

Hi, I’m Heather. And I’d like to talk to you about something that affects 25-45% of women. Bladder leakage.

I never knew that doing kegel exercises while pregnant (or even before becoming pregnant) would have been a great benefit to me later in life. Sexual life aside, kegels would have helped strengthen my pelvic muscles; which in turn hold up the bladder.

But, according to WebMD it is never to late to start and it can be beneficial for both men and women who suffer from urinary incontinence.

Here’s a great link to check out if you’d like to know more:

Urinary Incontinence: Kegel Exercises for Pelvic Muscles

I totally blame my kids for wrecking my body. I gained 98lbs with my son, lost 40 and gained back 40lbs with my daughter (they were 16 months apart so there wasn’t much time to get a better hold on things). I had to have emergency C-sections with both which I also blame for some of my internal issues.

I used to think it was funny to make my friend laugh so hard she’d pee herself.

Now I realize I was totally cruel, especially when my kids do it to me. Now, my husband laughs at me. Guess pay back is due. LOL.

The reality of the situation is, after having kids my bladder is not what it used to be. Whether it was from gaining too much weight, from the C-sections, whatever…the situation is…I sometimes have bladder leakage which is not controllable.

I wear a pad or panty liner 24/7. Not very sexy I know but they do go well with the granny panties that I love and have worn for years. LOL

I refuse to buy bladder leakage branded products because I am trying my best to avoid feeling old, which I do equate with having to buy bladder leakage products. Which is dumb. Why am I so embarrassed by it? Why do others think it is embarrassing or funny?

I find it really sad that I see many peers and adults laughing and making fun of people for health issues or situations that are out of their control. Even more so, I find it sad that I feel so embarrassed by it that it has taken me this long to speak out about it.

I think it’s time to grow up and stop feeling ashamed of our bodies and it’s time to stop feeling embarrassed of things that our out of our control.

And I definitely think it is time to start treating others with compassion and empathy.

The Stayfree Challenge is more geared towards periods and making sure we stay comfortable and dry during our monthly visit from “Aunt Flo”. No woman wants to be out at a function during “that time of the month” and have leakage occur…imagine combining that with bladder leakage?! (it’s not fun I tell ya)

However, because I use pads and liners on a daily basis and not just during my periods I wanted to touch on the topic of bladder leakage first as it affects so many women. I hope you don’t mind!

So, on with the challenge!

This Stayfree Challenge post has been made possible thanks to Mommy’s Weird !


I don’t know about you, but, I’m not a big fan of using tampons during my period. There have been too many times when I used the wrong flow type tampon or times when they just didn’t feel right. So, for the majority of my current 26+ years of being blessed to be a woman, I have used pads and panty liners during my periods.

As years have advanced, so has science and the development of better products.

I remember when I first started having my period and how big and bulky the pads were. They never stayed in place and they bulged to the point where I, *ahem*, started wearing a girdle to hold it better in place. I hated (and still do) wearing pads. But, they are getting better! They are becoming thinner, more comfortable, with better holding wings and more importantly better absorbing material.

Since I wear pad products for 2 reasons (my period and bladder leakage) I was excited to do this challenge to see how my current products stand up to the test against a name brand like Stayfree, who has been around for as long as I can remember. “Stayfree is currently owned by Energizer, which purchased the femine hygiene business from Johnson & Johnson.” ~Wikipedia

Let’s see how things go:

Stayfree Ultra Thin pads are made with a flexible-fit design and thermocontrol technology that offer a feminine hygiene product which will allow you to stay comfortable, dry and mobile throughout the day.

Materials needed to do this challenge:

  • One placement sheet
  • Stayfree Ultrathin Pads
  • My current pad products (pad is a store brand and panty liner is a name brand)
  • 5ml of blue saline liquid (yellow or red would have been so wrong to use!) for each pad product
  • Blotting sheets
  • Acetate Sheets
  • and a hardcover book (I used 3 for extra weight)

Steps of the Challenge

  1. Place pads on the Stayfree Challenge sheet.
  2. Pour 5ml on 1st pad. Wait 30 seconds
  3. Apply absorbing pad on top of wetted area, followed by an acetate sheet.
  4. Place books on top and press down gently for 5 seconds…ooops I pressed firmly!
  5. Remove the book and check your results.
  6. Repeat with competitor pads.
  7. Compare results!



My Results of the Challenge:

As you can see from the images above, Stayfree is definitely top winner even from before putting pressure on top of it!

Let’s continue on…….


Obviously it is time that my current pad needs to be retired.

I didn’t stop there with the challenge though, oh no…I continued on……..


So, if you are looking for a good quality pad, I definitely recommend that you try using Stayfree Ultra Thin pads for your next period!


Thanks for being a part of my Stayfree Challenge!

#StayfreeChallengeContest  This post is in part thanks to Kyla from Mommy’s Weird. Check her out, she’s the bomb!








Giveaway !

RockabillySteam is hosting a giveaway on facebook. Head on over to enter!


Yummy Nummies – Product Review

Hey Everyone! It’s time for a product review!

Yummy Nummies


Today I’m sharing our (ChaosAndSilence, NateTubeAwesomeness and KaelynnIsRainbow)  product review of Yummy Nummies products!


We first learned about Yummy Nummies from Chase’s Corner(Doh Much Fun) via Skylander Boy And Girl, check his video out here:

Chase’s Corner: MAKING SODA AT HOME!! Mix, Spill, Sip & Sell 6 Flavors! $$$ (#25) | DOH MUCH FUN

We’re keeping our eyes open for the Soda Shoppe Playset, you’ll see in our review of the Best Ever Burger Maker why.

I picked up our first set of Yummy Nummies at our local Walmart for about $8.97 +tax. I bought the Donut Delights Maker and the Cupcake Cuties Maker for the kids for Valentine’s Day.

The kids were super excited!

Here’s our video from when we made the donuts and cupcakes:

The overall consensus was that even though the donuts were tasty, the cupcakes were definitely the favorite. The kids had a lot of fun with these kits and we had a bit of the ingredients to set aside for another day of fun.

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway on Yummy Nummies facebook page.

Now, we had more donuts to make but also a new kit, the Best Ever Burger Maker kit!

Check our video review here:

We are definitely Yummy Nummies fans and look forward to trying out many of the other kits that they have available!






Movie Review – Zootopia

Ever since seeing the preview for Disney’s Zootopia my kids have been waiting for the movie to come to theatres.


There have been many books, tv shows and movies about humans turning into animals, but, I cannot recall any where animals actually like as humans.

The closest ones I can think of would be A Bug’s Life, Antz and Peter Rabbit.

(If you can think of any please leave them in the comments)

Zootopia is about a rabbit named Judy Hopps who grows up in a small town and aspires to be something more than just a carrot farmer. She dreams of being someone who has positive influence in the world. She wants to be a police officer in the metropolis of Zootopia.

As a child, Judy is made fun of by a fox saying that she could never become a police officer because she is so small.

Even her parents do not seem to want to support her dream, trying to persuade her to be safe and become a carrot farmer.

But Judy persists and never gives up on her dream.

Part of me can relate to Judy.

I grew up in a very small town where your options of jobs was very limited. The best place to work was the local nursing home (exactly where I had my first job).

I dreamed of spreading my wings and leaving my small town and going to LaSalle College in Montreal to become a fashion designer.

Growing up I watched Fashion Television every Saturday and I would draw fashion designs and even sew some things out of the spandex my brother would bring home from the plant that he worked at.

Unfortunately, I allowed my own doubts to cloud my decision as well as my mother’s desire for me to stay close to home. I gave in to the fear and doubt and gave up on my dreams. I stayed close to home and went to the local community college. But, because it was not what I wanted to do (and because the instructor was horrible) I ended up quitting after a few months. Part of me wonders if I had gone to LaSalle, if I would have been able to actually achieve my dream. But, I wouldn’t change anything because I have 2 beautiful children who would not exist had I chosen another path in life.

Luckily Judy didn’t listen to her parents fears or give up on her dreams because of the doubts of others.

She went for it and succeeded!


The first rabbit to become a police officer, Judy has to prove herself to gain the respect of her peers and fellow officers.

I’m not going to tell you too much about the storyline as I really think you should watch it for yourself.

I love that the message of the movie is “You can be anything you want to be” and inspires you to keep hope in achieving your dreams, and that perseverance and never giving up will help you get there.

The movie flows wonderfully and I did not find that there were any slow parts at all.

The music was great (Thanks Shakira!)  and the voices for the animals were well chosen. You might even recognize Judy’s voice as that of Ginnifer Goodwin from the hit tv series Once Upon A Time.

Zootopia is a heartwarming family movie that is great for all ages. I do however recommend using discretion for those under 5 or with viewing sensitivity as there are a couple “scary” parts, one that even made me jump.

You can check out the parental advisory warnings here: Parental Guide on IMDb

We had a couple in front of use who were at least in their 70s (if not 80s) and they were laughing quite a bit through the movie. There were also younger children 2-3yrs old in the theatre that enjoyed the movie as well.

We give this movie a 10/10 ! I really hope they make a 2nd one!

Check out the trailer below and if you go see the movie let me know what you thought about it!


Zootopia photo credit : http://www.momendeavors.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/zootopia.jpg

Product Review – Dove Hair Products


Recently, thanks to ChickAdvisor, I was chosen to partake in testing out some of Dove‘s new product lines. Dove Pure Care, Refresh + Care, Style + Care and Dove Nutritive Solutions.


I first tried out the Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner from their Nutritive Solutions line.


First let me just say that these products smell divine!

Mind you, I think all of Dove‘s products smell great.

You definitely only need a pea sized amount of product which means that your bottles should last you a long time. AKA – Great value for the price!

This shampoo and conditioner combo leave your hair feeling healthy and silky smooth!

Next I tested out the Dry Oil from the Pure Care line of products. I had never heard of Dry Oil before so I really wasn’t sure what to expect.


Infused with African Macadamia Nut, this is another one of Dove’s products that does not let you down with its pleasing aroma. 3-4 drops is all you need. Apply it to the ends of your hair.

The oil is great for repairing damaged ends, but, it gets better! Apply some throughout your hair before blow drying. As the oil heats up from the blow dryer it distributes more evenly throughout and improves the saturation into the hair. Instead of flyaway or damaged ends your hair will look smooth, shiny and healthy.

Last but not least, I tried the Pure Care Dry Shampoo. I had heard a lot about dry shampoos but I was extremely skeptical about using it. I usually shampoo my hair everyday as when it comes time to brush it out the following day the roots are looking mighty oily.


But, some mornings are rushed…trying to get two kids ready for school and myself ready for work and I really wanted an option for mornings when I was rushed without having to go to work with greasy looking hair.

Here’s what my hair looked like when I woke up….



See pretty nasty. There was no way I was going to work looking like that.

I had no idea how much to use or even how to use it…but, the instructions were pretty easy to follow….spray into hair and use your palm to rub into the roots, and then brush out…..seemed easy enough.

The product leaves a white powdery coating to your hair:


As you are brushing it out, I would suggest not already having your work clothes on as you’ll have white dandruff looking flakes all over you:


Once I got it all brushed out, my hair had a texture as if I had just sprayed it with a light-hold hairspray and looked like this:


But, I wanted to wear my hair up not down, so this is what it looked like when I was finished:


I’ve used it a few times since. However, I have a mild case psoriasis on my scalp so this product did tend to make my head a bit itchy.

And finally I tested out the Flexible Hold Hair Spray(on a different day, unfortunately no pictures). It did not make my hair stiff or sticky. It held my flyaways in place and gave enough hold for some “scrunch action”.

Overall these products earn an 8/10 from me. Many thanks to Dove for continuing to create amazing products and to Chick Advisor for allowing me the opportunity to test out some great products!

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Winner List!

Hey Everyone!

 Here are our most recent winners !

Congrats to you all!



The Snow Queen: Magic of the Ice Mirror! Review and Digital Giveaway!

Winner was Rosanne R and she has successfully claimed her prize!


A Crafty Christmas Giveaway Winners List


A Crafty Christmas Giveaway

Poster Jack Winner: Kelly Baker

Chococat Wallet: Crystal Marie Porter

$10 RockabillySteam Credit:Silvia Demmy

3FPCs to Ozery’s: Cheryl Catherine Rafuse MacPhail

3FPCs Ocean’s World Cuisine: Pam Wood Humphrey

Fiji Water Prize Pack: Dawn Wiley-Rader

Hip Hop Abs : SueSueper Sue

Prize Pack from GOwithHIPPO: Lori Butler

LillaRose: Penny Borth-Schmidt

Super Secret Mystery Prize: Kelley Moore

Winners please email fightingpoverty@hotmail.ca

with Subject line: Winner with A Crafty Christmas

Please send your postal and email address for prize fulfillment.

While I will try my best to get all prizes out in time for Christmas, I cannot promise that they will arrive in time, as stated in the rules.

Please be patient.

Coupons will be mailed out first as they expire at the end of December!

It is also requested that you post on ChaosAndSilence on facebook when you receive your prize.

Thank you so much and Congratulations!!





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