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I don’t even know how to begin with this post.

“Hi, my name is Heather and I have a weak bladder.”

“Hi, my name’s Heather and I pee a little if I cough too hard.”

“Hi, I’m Heather. And I’d like to talk to you about something that affects 25-45% of women.” Yep. that’s the one….here we go:

Hi, I’m Heather. And I’d like to talk to you about something that affects 25-45% of women. Bladder leakage.

I never knew that doing kegel exercises while pregnant (or even before becoming pregnant) would have been a great benefit to me later in life. Sexual life aside, kegels would have helped strengthen my pelvic muscles; which in turn hold up the bladder.

But, according to WebMD it is never to late to start and it can be beneficial for both men and women who suffer from urinary incontinence.

Here’s a great link to check out if you’d like to know more:

Urinary Incontinence: Kegel Exercises for Pelvic Muscles

I totally blame my kids for wrecking my body. I gained 98lbs with my son, lost 40 and gained back 40lbs with my daughter (they were 16 months apart so there wasn’t much time to get a better hold on things). I had to have emergency C-sections with both which I also blame for some of my internal issues.

I used to think it was funny to make my friend laugh so hard she’d pee herself.

Now I realize I was totally cruel, especially when my kids do it to me. Now, my husband laughs at me. Guess pay back is due. LOL.

The reality of the situation is, after having kids my bladder is not what it used to be. Whether it was from gaining too much weight, from the C-sections, whatever…the situation is…I sometimes have bladder leakage which is not controllable.

I wear a pad or panty liner 24/7. Not very sexy I know but they do go well with the granny panties that I love and have worn for years. LOL

I refuse to buy bladder leakage branded products because I am trying my best to avoid feeling old, which I do equate with having to buy bladder leakage products. Which is dumb. Why am I so embarrassed by it? Why do others think it is embarrassing or funny?

I find it really sad that I see many peers and adults laughing and making fun of people for health issues or situations that are out of their control. Even more so, I find it sad that I feel so embarrassed by it that it has taken me this long to speak out about it.

I think it’s time to grow up and stop feeling ashamed of our bodies and it’s time to stop feeling embarrassed of things that our out of our control.

And I definitely think it is time to start treating others with compassion and empathy.

The Stayfree Challenge is more geared towards periods and making sure we stay comfortable and dry during our monthly visit from “Aunt Flo”. No woman wants to be out at a function during “that time of the month” and have leakage occur…imagine combining that with bladder leakage?! (it’s not fun I tell ya)

However, because I use pads and liners on a daily basis and not just during my periods I wanted to touch on the topic of bladder leakage first as it affects so many women. I hope you don’t mind!

So, on with the challenge!

This Stayfree Challenge post has been made possible thanks to Mommy’s Weird !


I don’t know about you, but, I’m not a big fan of using tampons during my period. There have been too many times when I used the wrong flow type tampon or times when they just didn’t feel right. So, for the majority of my current 26+ years of being blessed to be a woman, I have used pads and panty liners during my periods.

As years have advanced, so has science and the development of better products.

I remember when I first started having my period and how big and bulky the pads were. They never stayed in place and they bulged to the point where I, *ahem*, started wearing a girdle to hold it better in place. I hated (and still do) wearing pads. But, they are getting better! They are becoming thinner, more comfortable, with better holding wings and more importantly better absorbing material.

Since I wear pad products for 2 reasons (my period and bladder leakage) I was excited to do this challenge to see how my current products stand up to the test against a name brand like Stayfree, who has been around for as long as I can remember. “Stayfree is currently owned by Energizer, which purchased the femine hygiene business from Johnson & Johnson.” ~Wikipedia

Let’s see how things go:

Stayfree Ultra Thin pads are made with a flexible-fit design and thermocontrol technology that offer a feminine hygiene product which will allow you to stay comfortable, dry and mobile throughout the day.

Materials needed to do this challenge:

  • One placement sheet
  • Stayfree Ultrathin Pads
  • My current pad products (pad is a store brand and panty liner is a name brand)
  • 5ml of blue saline liquid (yellow or red would have been so wrong to use!) for each pad product
  • Blotting sheets
  • Acetate Sheets
  • and a hardcover book (I used 3 for extra weight)

Steps of the Challenge

  1. Place pads on the Stayfree Challenge sheet.
  2. Pour 5ml on 1st pad. Wait 30 seconds
  3. Apply absorbing pad on top of wetted area, followed by an acetate sheet.
  4. Place books on top and press down gently for 5 seconds…ooops I pressed firmly!
  5. Remove the book and check your results.
  6. Repeat with competitor pads.
  7. Compare results!



My Results of the Challenge:

As you can see from the images above, Stayfree is definitely top winner even from before putting pressure on top of it!

Let’s continue on…….


Obviously it is time that my current pad needs to be retired.

I didn’t stop there with the challenge though, oh no…I continued on……..


So, if you are looking for a good quality pad, I definitely recommend that you try using Stayfree Ultra Thin pads for your next period!


Thanks for being a part of my Stayfree Challenge!

#StayfreeChallengeContest  This post is in part thanks to Kyla from Mommy’s Weird. Check her out, she’s the bomb!








Giveaway !

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My Little Pony – The Friendship Games: Review & DVD Giveaway!

My Little Pony – The Friendship Games: Review & DVD Giveaway!


My Little Pony, one of the most popular television series on Treehouse TV, has a new full-length feature film being released Digitally, on DVD and via a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital combo pack in Canada on October 13th!

In the new release titled, My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games, Canterlot High meets its rival school, Crystal Prep Academy, in a competition that’s a long-standing tradition – The Friendship Games: a series of exciting events that includes archery, motocross, and rollerskating!  Sunset Shimmer is tasked with keeping magic out of the games to keep things fair while she and her friends compete against Crystal Prep’s top students led by someone with an equal amount of interest in Equestrian magic – this world’s Twilight Sparkle.

 Continue the journey through high school with the Mane 6 in this alternate My Little Pony universe, and find out what happens next in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games!

When the new My Little Pony “Friendship is Magic” cartoon started showing up on Netflix, I wasn’t sure what to think about it. The animation was different, the voices weren’t quite what I had expected for the characters. It was a lot different from the My Little Pony cartoons I grew up with:

However, even though the animation and characters have taken on changes, I believe that the message of the show still remains true. It is even more apparent because it is in now in the show’s title: “Friendship Is Magic“.

When going back and watching the older episodes you will see that there are things to learn in every episode. Lessons on etiquette, family, friendship, school, work etc. I  really enjoy in the new series that the ponies will go back and reflect over the lesson learned in that episode, a great way for kids to really think about what was going on in the show instead of just watching it.

A Lesson in Friendship???

Recently my little guy, Nate, he’s 7, brought something to my attention and it truly broke my heart.

Nate had taken some hockey cards to school because a few of his “friends” were really into hockey. He was SO excited. Only to come after school to tell me this:

“Mommy, “Bob” called me and some other kids into the bathroom, then he took my hockey card and said that Boston sucked and put my card in the compost and they all laughed”

I cannot even write that without being brought to tears. I know “Bob” and I know his siblings and his family. They are well known around the area. This child is showing signs of being a bully – he called other kids around to watch him treat Nate like crap and then laughed… friend would ever do that to you.

But, you know what. Nate will probably forget that moment and will continue to call “Bob” his friend. That’s because Nate has a huge heart and doesn’t see the black lining of others intentions and cruelty. I fear for the day he does.

Why are parents ignoring their kid’s behaviour? Do they not see how they treat others? Or is it because they are so busy and wrapped up in their own chaos that they are truly oblivious?

 I would like to ask that you take some time to talk to your kids about not only how to treat their friends (maybe talk about the lessons found in MLP after they’ve watched an episode!) but, also on how they are being treated by their friends. It is so important to make sure that your child doesn’t turn into a bully, but also that they are not being bullied themselves.

Now, on to the movie review !


My Little Pony : The Friendship Games

I want to give a big shout out to Shout Kids, Kaboom! Entertainment and HasbroStudios for making this review and giveaway a possibility! This one was so much fun for us as we are HUGE fans of the My Little Pony Equestria Girl movies (though we have yet to see “Through The Mirror”).

This time around we also got to involve many FRIENDS from school too!

For this review I wanted to kick things up a notch and include more than just my own opinion and my kids’ opinions of the movie.


So, I invited a bunch of kids to come over for a movie screening.


We made 16 (yes, I said 16) bags of microwave popcorn, topped it off with Kernel’s popcorn seasoning, went through 40 juice boxes, 12 freezies and a bunch of homemade rainbow cupcakes I had made that morning!

 IMG_20151004_145428IMG_20151004_135915  IMG_20151004_135859IMG_20151004_154654

We also had 3 little prize draws which included the digital copy code for the movie, a Nerf Rebelle throwing star from MacDonalds and some Stars Wars Telepods.


The kids had a lot of fun watching the movie and there was rarely a peep heard.


We had 12 children aged 6 – 11 and they all really enjoyed it as you can see from the pictures. It was funny watching their faces change in emotions during the movie; a few scowls, gasps but also some “yes” moments too.


I interviewed some of the kids to see what they thought about the movie as well as what they thought being a good friend meant. It’s funny when you put kids on the spot and ask them questions they are not prepared for, no matter how simple.

Please note: I am horrible at interviewing people…LOL…I stumble over my words and say “yeah” a lot! Next time I’ll be more prepared…LOL..oh dear!

But, their answers are pretty cute and that’s all that matters!

 I have to say most of them seem to know that being a good friend means helping your friends when they need it and being kind to them !

My review of the movie: I did not get a chance to watch the movie with the kids as I was constantly popping popcorn and grabbing more juice boxes but I have since watched the movie. As I have said before I really enjoy the morals of the show and that they use the movies/shows/characters/music to teach kids how true friends should act and treat each other…so that alone makes me want to give this movie a 10/10….but…I’ve been jaded and am a bit biased….Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks both had stellar sound tracks that we listen to time and time again…this time around unfortunately the soundtrack falls flat for me. When a movie has lots of songs in it, the soundtrack needs to be great IMHO (in my humble opinion). So, I have to dock a point because of that! Sorry! But, the movie still gets a big 9/10 for me and I know it is one we will be watching over and over again!


Now it is time for you to have a chance at winning a copy of the movie on dvd for you and your children!

I really hope that if you win that you come back and let me know your thoughts on it!



One lucky CANADIAN follower will have the chance to win a copy of “The Friendship Games” on DvD thanks to kaboom! Entertainment and Shout Kids!

—->>>> Please click this link to be taken to the giveaway page for your entries! <<<<—-

Ends November 6th, 2015!

Here are some images for you to download for your kids to color :

02_MLP_Coloring-page-001 03_MLP_Coloring-page-00101_MLP_Coloring-page-001

** I did not receive any compensation for this review other than the copy of the movie on dvd for our reviewing purposes! All opinions in this blog post are that of myself, my children and their friends!


Contesting 101

Contesting 101 – Lessons in how to contest online

Whenever I post a picture of something I have won online I get asked:

“How did you win that?”

“Why are you so lucky?”

“What are you doing to get so much free stuff?”

“How can *I* be a part of that?”

Well, today is your lucky day. I’m going to give you some tips and tricks on how to enter and win contests as well as how to avoid scams and hackers.

A few of my 2015 wins/free stuff

A few of my 2015 wins/free stuff received

When I first started contesting, I was completely oblivious. I pulled all the classic mistakes I keep seeing people on my friends list doing. I was liking fake pages and entering fake contests and got hit a few times with scams and hackers. BUT, I have learned a lot in the past 3 years. Contesting has now become a part of my normal daily routine and thanks to my new friend Christine I am entering many more contests in a day then ever.

My new friend Christine and I met through contesting(Actually I think it all started when she won a giveaway from my “store page” Under The Apple Tree”)  and we have become close. I cherish our chats and cannot wait to one day meet her and her family. We tag each other in any giveaways or contests that we see, that way we both have a chance at it. Some days she tags me in more and some days I tag her in more. I never feel bitter or jealous when she wins a prize and I’m sure she would say the same about me. We’re out there cheering each other on!

Christine is my contesting buddy…and everybody should have a contesting buddy…or two…or three…the more eyes out there scanning the news feed and facebook pages, websites, blog pages, the better! It’s very easy to miss contests in your newsfeed and it is also easy to miss seeing your name drawn as a winner if the contest page does not tag you in the winning post.

So, where do I start in educating newbies to contesting….that’s tough…but I think I’ll start with the things to NOT do and the pages to avoid.

Scammers – Fake Pages – Hackers

No one likes to be played a fool, nor do they like hackers and viruses on their computers. So, you HAVE to be careful when “Liking” facebook pages and apps and clicking on links.

How to tell if a Facebook page is legit:

I see many contests being shared on my friends pages that look like this:


I can tell just from looking at this that it is a fake. I don’t even have to go to their facebook page to check.





If a page or app is claiming to be giving away 25 FREE IPhones or 50 Xbox 360 and does not have an actual real business name, it is FAKE. Stop sharing and liking these pages!!

(I will admit I have done it in the past, but, I try to be extremely careful nowadays!)

If you want to know if a contest is for real or a facebook page is for real here are some things to look for:

Go to the “ABOUT” tab for their facebook page – This should have more business info on it.

Minimum it should contain a website address. If you go to the website and it does not have further contact info like a phone number then it is a FAKE website and is a scam. Close down the page and do not click on anything else.

Here are some examples of legit and scam pages so you can see the difference:

FAKE giveaway!

FAKE giveaway!





This showed up in my news feed the other day. As well as another “over the top” giveaway from the same page. Pages that post multiple amazing giveaways that “ends tonight” are usually fake and you should not be liking or clicking on them.

That being said, some pages have “flash giveaways” and sometimes they are amazing prizes…that’s why you need to do some investigating to see if a page is real or not!

There are many companies and blogs that giveaway amazing prizes like trips, cameras, tvs, cars, etc. You just need to be careful. And again, if you are not sure feel free to ask me and I am more than happy to check it out.

Anyways, back to how to see if a page is fake or not.

When I saw that giveaway shared by a friend, I went and checked it out.


The page holding the amazing giveaway is the fake one. When I searched for Tiffany and Co. both pages popped up and so I checked them out. You can see already by comparing the main page that there are big differences…but, then I went a step further and checked out their “About pages”:


Page on left is the fake one. This is your biggest clue into knowing if a page is real or not.

HOWEVER, there are exceptions to the rule! Some home based businesses do not have big “About” pages. But, if you first check out their main page they will have things to show that they are real.

Let me show you a great example using my friend Michelle’s business page:


Here are examples of fake giveaways that I have seen in my news feed:

scamGiveaways that show up like this that are too good to be true and “only so many left” are fake. Do not click on them!







While I know a gamer/blogger that was actually giving away a gold Iphone (I think he actually gave 2 away), pages that say Xbox Giveaways or Iphone Giveaways(like this one) are fake pages. Only go to reputable companies/blogs to enter giveaways for big prizes, this will keep you and your information safe.


PS: If there are major spelling mistakes on a page(especially on the About page) then I would definitely avoid them!




One last piece of information: Stopping accepting friend invites unless you know the person!!!!!!!!!!

I no longer accept friend requests unless I am affiliated with them through giveaways/blogging (I do some background checking/investigating first) or unless I know them in person.

Hopefully now you will better choose which pages and contests to share!

And if you are not sure, you can always send a link/page to me and I would be more than happy to check it out for you.

Now, on to the more important part *wink*….WINNING!

I can’t guarantee that you’ll win a contest but I can share some tips that will increase your odds of winning.


#1 Enter Often – Do not think by entering one or two contests and not winning that you have no luck. You have to enter MULTIPLE contests. I suggest starting with 10 contests a day. But, certainly enter more if you have the time!

Keep in mind some contests you can enter DAILY and doing so greatly increases your odds of winning that prize.

#2 Leave a better comment. Don’t just type in “Liked & Shared” in the comments section if you are required to comment on a post to win. I’m guilty of doing this sometimes if I am busy, and you can sometimes win simply by doing that. But, sometimes messages get deleted on blogs if they are too short because the system thinks they are just spam.


*So, to help your entries get noticed by the prize sponsor/company I suggest at least writing one or two sentences.

*Include any posted hashtags. If a contest post includes hashtags include them in your comment. Sometimes the company is looking for people who are paying attention as well as sharing the hashtags they are using.

#3 Make sure you READ. OMG, I cannot tell you how many times I have posted my own giveaways and have people ask me how to enter, or not follow the rules even when they are there in plain sight! This is extremely frustrating and can be a waste of time for the company offering the prize when they have to wade through entries that have not followed all the rules. Which leads me into the next tip……

#4 READ the rules. Again. Reading. I’m also guilty of not reading the rules sometimes and have lost out on prizes because of it. I’ve also ended up entering giveaways that I could not win even if I was chosen a winner because of failing to meet a requirement of the giveaway ie: age, where I live, etc. So…make sure you read the RULES & REGULATIONS!

#5 Make sure you are actually entering the contest. LOL. Yeah, I’ve failed at this a few times. I’ve also pointed it out to a few of you. When entering contests for facebook make sure you go to the facebook page that has the giveaway, not that you are just entering on someone’s page that shared the giveaway post.

Example: Christine shared this giveaway from GameSeek and it showed up in my newsfeed. To enter I need to actually go to GameSeek’s facebook page to enter. By clicking on the photo or GameSeek’s name I get taken to the proper place to enter.



#6 BE POSITIVE – Don’t play the “I’m not lucky”, “I’ll never win” card. Contesters and promoters don’t want to hear it. Be grateful for every win no matter how small! I try to make sure to take a photo and tag the company even when they send me free samples in the mail. Why? Because I am grateful that they have sent me something for free and it gets their attention.

#7 Find a Contest Buddy. If you would like to enter lots of contests to up your odds in winning, you really should have a contest buddy.

*You don’t have to look very far either….I’m right here! LOL. But, if you ask me to be your contest buddy, please be aware that your newsfeed/notifications will BLOW UP with contests on a daily basis. you do not have to check them all out or enter every one but I can tag you if you like…..

OR you can simply “follow” me here: just make sure that you are active in “liking” the posts I share or you will not see everything I post and might miss out on a contest. Or set your notifications so that you see more of what I post.

follow button

Here’s how to set-up or adjust your notifications:


Hover or click on the “Like” button until a menu pops up. Select “Get Notifications. Then set your notifications to “See First”.

**Keep in mind that if a page posts many times a day you will receive notifications every time they post when selecting this option. This can get to be very annoying! I usually keep my notifications set to “Default” unless there is a winner notification or upcoming giveaway that  I do not want to miss.

#8 Make sure you are active on facebook pages where you want to try to win contests from.

Or set your notifications to make sure that their posts show up on your newsfeed.(See image above on how to set notifications up)

#9 Make sure you check your inbox, Otherbox and emails daily!! Some contests only allow 24-48hrs for a winner to contact them in order to win their prize.

*Also, if a contest post says “Check back here” to see if you are a winner, then you might want to make sure you set a reminder to check back on the contest close date to see if you won or not. I’ve missed out on prizes because I forgot about the draw date!

#10 Don’t “Like” a page just for the giveaway. Facebook has started keeping tabs on the pages you like and unlike and how often you do it. If you like too many pages in a day you can have your account frozen. Only like pages and enter contests that you actually want to win or that you can actually use the prize that is being offered. Entering a giveaway for baby stuff when you don’t have a baby or know anyone that has a baby is just being selfish and is bad contesting etiquette.

*Entering to win a trip? Make sure you check the dates in which you have to cash in that prize and make sure you can get your passports in time/save up enough money to pay for taxes, etc. It’s not fair to someone who could have had everything ready for the trip to lose out because you “just wanted to win a trip”.

#11 Congratulate those who win. Yeah, sometimes it sucks when you don’t win something that you really wanted to win. But congratulating those that win shows good sportsmanship and sometimes gets you noticed by the company involved as well. Don’t say “I never win anything” “this contest is a fake”, etc etc which the trolls like to do in the comment section.

#12 Follow contest/giveaway blog pages. BUT, be ware! There have been a few scammy ones out there. One which I followed for quite sometime before they were outted. They were getting prizes from companies and never sending them to the winners!! It happens unfortunately. I try to make sure that I screen the pages I follow but, sometimes you don’t know until you win a prize from them and actually receive it. I will be sharing some pages on my blog page on facebook: . The ones I share will be SAFE as far as I have researched….either myself or someone I know has won from them and received their prize.

*If you are following me at : you can go to my “Likes” on the left hand side of the page and see the pages and companies I follow. This will get updated from time to time. This would be a good place to start in “Liking” some contesting/giveaway/blog pages.

#13 If you want to keep it simple: Stick to facebook contests or RT to win on Twitter. Many of the company pages I follow have daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal giveaways. They are usually “Like, Comment and Share to win” and sometimes they require you to use woobox on facebook (I have not yet to date had any safety issues from using woobox!)

  • Some contests require many different steps to gain entries(Rafflecopters, GiveawayTools, etc), which can be extremely time consuming and sometimes frustrating. Avoid these ones if you do not want to put in the time!

Follow me on twitter @chaosnsilence if you would like to enter contests simply by liking the companies page and retweeting the post.

#14 Don’t give up! Do not think you are going to win the first contest you enter. Do not think that you are going to win just because you entered 100 giveaways last month. Winning takes time. You will eventually win and if you are grateful for it, more winning will follow!

I think that is about it as far as tips to get you started in contesting. I do wish you all the very best! And please if you win something let me know what you won and from where! I love sharing positive wins on my page!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me. If you have any additional tips that you think would be helpful please share them with me and I will add them in!

Happy Contesting!


Here are a list of links to the good business pages that I used in my example photos in this blog post.

The ones that have * by their names often have giveaways.

Michelle’s Sweets And Treats (Local meals and desserts)-

*Sally Hansen Canada  –

*GameSeek –

*Kernel’s Popcorn –

Tiffany & Co. –




Steampunk & Rockabilly Inspired Giveaway!

Giveaway happening at RockabillySteam on facebook. 

Open Worldwide. Free Shipping.

Ends July 29th, 2015


Steampunk Inspired Giveaway
Starts today July 8th and runs until Wednesday July 29th(10pm).
One winner (using will be chosen to win this prize pack.

Prize Includes:
* Steampunk Sunglasses
* 1 – fantasy/steampunk Pendant from the $10 Bargain Bin
But, wait! There’s more! Each Wednesday a new item will be added to the giveaway.


How do you enter?
Be a fan of the page, like & share the photo(Once).

Please make sure that you set the post to PUBLIC. I will be verifying entried. Failure to follow the rules will delete your entry.

√ If you are the winner I request that you come back and share a photo of your prize received. Failure to do so will eliminate you from future giveaways.

Facebook has NOTHING to do with this giveaway or the prizes.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for prize delivery.

Open WorldWide. Free Shipping.

*** Mugsy from Mugsy’s Adventures helped with the photo shoot today. He is NOT a prize!

‪#‎giveaway ‬‪#‎win‬ ‪#‎steampunk‬‪ #‎winitwednesday‬

New prize added on July 19th – Leopard necklace and ring


New prize added on July 22nd – Steampunk (stainless steel) Pony necklacePhotoGrid_1437519044200[1]

New Prize to be added on July 29th before closing.

*Make sure your follow the rules to be entered!

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