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Missing Bumps

I am so forgetful to write stuff down…luckily this time I have managed to remember my drive home with Kaelynn from preschool last week (She’s 4).
We are driving along and she takes her socks and shoes off and starts ticking them and giggling. Then all I hear is :

Kaelynn: “Heeeyyyyy….where’d my bump go?”

Me: “Your bum? You lost your bum?”

Kaelynn: ” Nooooo, my BUMP. It’s gone……Maybe it fell off…”

Me: “Maybe…”

Kaelynn: (In a sly, slow voice) “Orrrr…maybeee….the faeries took it!”

Me: Laughing so hard I was in tears….. “Well, that would be pretty funny. Not sure what the faeries would do with the bump off your leg.”

Kids…..too funny.


Sleepy Time Talks

Most nights we read a few stories before bed with our kids. Then we put on music and sit with them for 3 songs before leaving the room. This gives them a chance to settle, and us a chance to hold on to those snuggly moments that are all too soon going to disappear.

Sometimes we ask what their favorite part of the day was, sometimes I just ask what they happen to be thinking at that moment, sometimes they just say random stuff.

This post is going to be on going and I will try to remember to keep coming back to include some of the talks we have.

The first funny moment was from when we went camping in August. I was tucking the kids in, in the tent, and Nate (who’s 5) looks up at me and smiles and says “Wouldn’t it be funny if the trees were made of noodles?”…brief pause…he smiles and then giggles “it’d be a noddle forest!”…I couldn’t help but burst out laughing…how they heck did he get to that thought? Noodle trees…noodle forest…..he is a noodle..LOL

Creepy Kid

Okay, my little guy is so flippin funny some days, my daughter is too, but, it seems to come more naturally to my little guy… when he was at preschool last year and was trying to climb one of the piping poles in the room and the teacher said “Are you a monkey?”, He says “No”, Teachers responds “I think you are, trying to climb those posts. Where’s your tail?” to which he responds “I don’t have a tail….but, I’ve got a penis!” LMAO.

Here’s a creepy /funny picture I stumbled across on my computer tonight, of my little guy wearing Vulcan ears (from Vulcan, Alberta – official Star Trek Vulcan ears)’s probably a year or two old but, I thought you might get a giggle out of it!



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