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COMPLETE! 21DayFix #100LBWeightLossJourney

Finally! I managed to finish a program with Beach Body. This has been like my fourth attempt since starting my journey in 2013. Every time I would get into a program I would get sick, or be in pain and would have to stop, it’s been a rough road!

But, this time around, I finished it. I had some set backs, like the flu and trying to maintain it while travelling. So, my results could have been more dramatic, but, I finished it!!! And my results were fantastic enough!


end measurements¬†I’ll take those decrease in measurements, thank you very much! ūüôā

Total 15LBS down, 4 pant sizes and lots of inches!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woot Woot!

And the fact that I did this by eating clean, drinking Shakeology and doing 1- 30 minute workout everyday…Amazing. It is truly that easy! Now, don’t get me wrong, it was tough. Getting over the mind blocks of not being able to eat what I want, when I want. And the workouts were not easy, I had to modify lots of moves. But, the fact that I could lose weight weight by doing such things that should be ¬†a natural part of my life…and a simple and easy concept….do what you should be doing (eat healthy, and exercise) and you’ll get moving along on your journey!

Yesterday I started TurboFire, which is an intense 90 day(I think) program. I’m a tad bit scared about committing to such a LONG program, but, I know I can do it! I’m also doing a November challenge via #thefitpartners challenge group, AND I have my own challenge group #jointhechaos starting a challenge on November 1oth! So, I will be maintaing the 21DayFix eating plan as best I can but, because my level of activity will be increased, I will also be allowing some “cheats”, like a bit of ketchup for my chicken.

So, if you would like to join our “5 Day Jump Start Challenge” Group please click ……... HERE.…… ūüôā Starts November 10th lasts 5 days. I provide the meal plan and exercises your provide the results!


I had a follower ask me, why I drink Shakeology if I think it tastes disgusting. LoL. Great question. Here was my response to that question:

“Thanks for asking! ūüôā I‚Äôm not a fan of any kind of meal replacement, <nutrient dense>, or supplement type drinks. However, MANY people LOVE the taste. I LOVE the health benefits that I have noticed since starting Shakeology. And it is because of those benefits that I will continue to drink it. I was hesitant to keep trying it and I was not sure I wanted to invest such a large amount of money into ‚Äúone meal a day‚ÄĚ. But, my health has improved greatly since starting it. My fibro is not nearly as bad as it was, the indigestion and stomache pains I was enduring for the past 5 yrs are almost non existent, my body is in a healing process and getting stronger. You can just mix the shake with water and drink it. Which is what I did while on the road for 3 days this past weekend. It wasn‚Äôt my normal‚ÄĚ shake‚ÄĚ which consists of ice, water and a smidge of vanilla extract(pure), but, I drank it. It refreshes you when you are tired or have just worked out. It helps repair your body when you are sick. It‚Äôs cheaper than buying individual vitamins/herbs/foods to try to get the same benefits. I‚Äôm a fussy eater so it makes it even harder for me to get the benefits just from eating. My challenge group coming up will ONLY involve meal plans and exercises, no Shakeology. ūüôā Thanks for following and your support!

 I want to extend my response to that, as I have thought a lot about it since posting my response.

We often put many things into are body that are NOT good for us. We also do things to our body that are not healthy. My journey has not only been about losing 100LBS, but, also developing a healthy lifestyle and learning to actually take care of my body.

When you really take time to *THINK* about your daily life and how you feel, physically, mentally…what is your immediate thought/feeling?

I think most of us are “programmed” with negative responses to that question. For the longest time people would ask me “How are you?” and my response would be “I’m here”. What a sad and depressing statement that is. That I felt like I was just “existing” instead of living!!!

How much are you doing right now to change your negative answer to the question above? Probably not as much as you could!

We get so stuck on how crappy we feel, how much is going wrong in our lives to truly find a way out of that dark sticky place that seems to hold our positive thoughts and feelings captive. Some days I can remember feeling “trapped” by those feelings and thoughts. I felt lost, alone, and felt like no one understood how truly crappy I felt.

The truth is, is that there are MANY people out there who feel the same way, that are struggling, that are feeling lost and alone. And that is one of the reasons I wanted to blog both the good and bad on my journey. It is important that we feel connected to someone in the world, someone that can relate to the experiences we go through or the struggles we face. “Everybody needs somebody” ~can’t remember where I have heard that before but, it’s true.

And while some of us get lost in the thought that our spouses are going to be the ones who will support and share the excitement on the journey…yeah, probably most of them will be watching you on your journey and be happy for you, but, their excitement will not be the same as someone else who is SHARING your journey with you. Find someone who inspires or motivates you and connect with them! You do not have to do this alone!

Back to why I drink Shakeology… a little side tracked there didn’t I?

I have learnt from doing the 21DayFix that removing the “negative” things in my diet, that my health and “feeling good” would dramatically change! But, in removing what I already was doing, I would need to replace that void with something. That something, was a nutrient dense shake called Shakeology.

I do not use it as a meal replacement. I drink it with  usually a small breakfast item (apple, toast, or turkey bacon). Just like I used to drink a glass of juice or cup of coffee.


As time goes on with drinking it, I find that I have developed an okay taste tolerance to it. My formula must stay the same though, every time I try a new “recipe”, I find that it just does not work for me. My recipe is: 1 scoop strawberry Shakeology, 4 ice cubes, 1 cup water and a dash or pure vanilla – blended well! It’s not horrible, I don’t really think it is disgusting, it’s just one of those things that I am not used to. So, it took some time for my taste buds to adjust.

I also want to be honest with people. I want my potential customers and coaches to know that not everyone will like Shakeology at first, it may take finding the right recipe for them, or it may take time for their taste buds to become accustomed to the taste, like it did me. Some people LOVE their Shakeology and the taste, my SIL, is one of those people. She drinks the chocolate and I cannot find a recipe, for me, that works with the chocolate. But she can just shake it up with water and drink, and enjoys it. If I am going to sell something I want to be able to give as much detailed information about it. I want to be as open and honest with my personal experiences so that people realize that I’m not just trying to sell¬†them something, quite the opposite! I’m trying to help them choose something positive for their health!

So, now I want to share some information about Shakeology so that you can be more informed about it.


Tony Horton from P90X¬†(which is currently on sale!) is hilarious in that video isn’t he? Love it.

It shows that buying all the herbs/supplements separately can cost a large amount of money. When all those things are found in Shakeology¬† for a fraction of the cost! I don’t know about you, but I would rather drink a shake than take a bunch of pills!


Why wouldn’t I want to put all these good things into my body??

Here are the things I have noticed since aading Shaekology to my daily regime/menu:

  • Decreased snack cravings
  • Feeling Fuller
  • More Energy
  • Hair not falling out as much and growing faster
  • Nails growing – which they never did before!
  • Almost non-existent indigestion and IBS attacks
  • My fibromyalgia pains incredibly lessened as are the bouts of extreme exhaustion that I would normally get.
  • My arthritis pain lessened. i was losing grip in my fingers/hand when I first started 21 DayFix, now I am regaining my strength!
  • And…….just an overall feeling better!!!

Now to address some FAQs about Shakeology(You can find all the FAQs and answers on my Shakeology website):

Does Beachbody sell Shakeology on Is Shakeology sold on

“Shakeology is sold exclusively through Beachbody’s Network of Coaches. Because of this, Beachbody does not sell Shakeology directly on”

However, BeachBody has¬†set up an ‘Amazon Product Ad’ page that serves as an ad that gives an overview of Shakeology and directs people to for their purchases. ¬†This allows coaches to receive customer leads and be able to provide ongoing support through meals plans and challenge groups which those persons selling on amazon, do not.

**” Also, please note that if you see a listing of Shakeology that says “Shakeology by Beachbody” – this does not mean that Beachbody is selling Shakeology on It’s simply indicating the name of the company that MAKES the product– it does not indicate the name of the SELLER.””

If Shakeology is the healthiest meal of the day, why is it so expensive? 

“At just over $4 per serving, Shakeology is an incredible value. Each serving packs up to 17g of protein per serving along with whole-food nutrition from some of the most nutrient-dense superfoods on the planet. This combination of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, phytonutrients and rare adaptogens is unparalleled. We are exceptionally proud of the benefits Shakeology delivers as our customer testimonials attest to. And we make great efforts to ensure the high quality and purity of our ingredients. When all of this is factored in, the value is truly impressive.”

Is Shakeology “certified” as a meal replacement?

“Shakeology is a dietary supplement that when prepared with certain liquids, healthy ingredients, and/or fruit can contain enough calories to replace a meal. As with all dietary supplements, Shakeology is designed to supplement your healthy diet and not be the only source of nutrition throughout the day. Shakeology is not recommended to replace more than two meals per day.”

Can I mix Shakeology in with food I’m cooking/baking?

“Cooking or heating Shakeology would destroy many of the nutrients in Shakeology and upset the nutrient balance. It’s recommended that you not heat Shakeology above 110 degrees. Ideally, drink it at room temperature or cooler. However, if you prefer to drink it warm, you can warm your liquid – just not above 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not boil Shakeology.”

Some Notes About Shakeology:

  • For ALL formulas: Once mixed/prepared, it is recommended to consume your shake within 30 minutes.
  • Shakeology is sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The guarantee period starts on the date of delivery (about 2 weeks after the product was shipped from the warehouse). You may return Shakeology packages that have been opened and used, even if the bag is totally empty.
  • The following are the Weight Watcher points for the corresponding Shakeology formulas:
    Chocolate  = 3 points
    Greenberry = 3 points
    Tropical Strawberry = 3 points
    Chocolate Vegan = 4 points
    Vanilla = 3 points
  • Tropical, Strawberry and Chocolate Vegan: Because the vegan formulations are made with plant proteins rather than whey (dairy), they are the ideal choice for someone with lactose intolerance.

You can find more FAQs here:


So, for now, there ends my discussion, well, rant, on Shakeology. ūüôā

If you want to know more feel free to ask or check out my Shakeology website!


Team Beach Body via ChaosAndSilence


So, you want to know more about HOW to set up a FREE team Beach Body account and what exactly you get when you do.

So, here is a picture tutorial to help you a little bit. I’m not going to do everything for you, you need to actually turn on your computer, click the mouse and type. You can do this!

I apologize in advance for the some photos not being the greatest. Some of them I could not take with my snipping tool while having to use my mouse.

On with the tutorial:

First you need to click on this link:

That link will take you here:


Next you want to click on JOIN TEAM BEACH BODY or BE A COACH, seen here:


That will take you to the sign-up page:


NOW, pay atttention, unless you want to *PAY* for the membership,

you’re going to want to click on “Sign Me Up For a Free Membership” seen here:


Clicking on that will take you here:

Log-In Set-Up page

Log-In Set-Up page

Fill out your information.

You should towards the bottom of the page see this:

Capture If you see another coach name, please change it to : Heather Howard (ChaosAndSilence)

Now, click on the “Submit” button.

That will take you to your welcome page.

Welcome Page

Welcome Page


When using the “Sign In” page, seen¬†BELOW¬†make sure you¬†Stay to the left!!!


If you sign up using this page, make sure that you select BASIC MEMBERSHIP – FREE!

Otherwise you will be charged $2.99/week.

These pictures show you the different menus and all that they contain. Many health and fitness resources at your fingertips. For FREE!

IMG_20141015_094119 IMG_20141015_094123 IMG_20141015_094128 IMG_20141015_094132 IMG_20141015_094138 IMG_20141015_094142 IMG_20141015_094147

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

#21DayFix Day#6 #100LBWeightLossJourney

workout collage

I feel so good today. Inside. My body is slowly feeling healthier. My mind is feeling healthier. I’m learning to eat better.

Today is a FANTABULOUS day.

This morning I managed to eat my teaspoon portion which I usually end up forgetting. I used it on my apple slices. If you have never tried peanut butter on apple, you should. I used to think it was a gross idea to put peanut butter on apple…who does that? Crazy health nuts do, that’s who….guess I must be turning into one (a small part of me anyways..LOL) because I had apple slices with peanut butter this morning. And I really, really enjoyed it!!

Breakfast for Day#6!

Breakfast for Day#6!

Let me tell you Autumn Calabrese kicked my butt on today’s workout. It was tough!! I could barely make it through the last rounds of each set. I pushed as hard as I could push. I was dripping sweat onto my mat, it was literally oozing out of the pores on my arms….crazy, nasty sweat. But, guess what? I know when that happens, that I have really given it my all.

Getting really excited about an upcoming event next weekend!

Hoping that we get a couple more people to join us on our brutally long drive to Quebec next weekend!

(Financially, it would be very helpful- we might be sleeping in the car if we don’t.LOL)


My SIL and I are venturing on a 13hr road trip to Boucherville, Quebec, for what I believe is the last stop in the Canadian Tour for Beach Body.

We are going to get a chance to meet Autumn Calabrese (and workout with her!) and Carl & Isabelle Daikeler. We are both pumped for this opportunity!


PicMonkey Collage

Went last night and did my first class of PIYO . My SIL is teaching it. Went well, worked it hard, really hard….check out the after pic:


Came home and had my snack (no photo sorry). Sunflower seeds, crackers, and cereal with a bottle of water. ūüôā

End of Day#6! 


#21DayFix Day#5 #100LBWeightLossJourney

Day#5 21 DayFix

Before Workout!

Before Workout!

So, I really want to talk and connect with those of you, who might be considering a lifestyle change. Or, those of you who might be looking for a way to lose weight a HEALTHY way to lose weight/inches. I cannot say enough about my experiences with Beach Body workouts.

After workout! #pws

After workout! #pws

You can sign up for a free team beach body membership which gives you access to so many resources.

Here’s what you get:

  • Access to the WOWY SuperGym online workout center – You can save your completed workouts, schedule upcoming workouts, keep track of your weight/inch loss. Etc. I have used this for both Beach Body and Non Beach Body programs. I kept track of my running on it as well!
  • Online fitness and nutrition tools to help you reach your goals –¬†Videos, meal plans, etc.
  • An exclusive discount on Team Beachbody workout programs and nutritional supplements
  • Your own Coach for extra support – that would be ME and my Coach Carin Cress
  • + More!!!!!

You can sign up for a free membership here:¬†–

 PicMonkey Collage

¬†I was feeling a little * meh* about my food today. Running out of certain things and still have how many days left to go on the challenge? Argh. But, I did a little food prepping today. Finally came up with a lunch idea that would be a little more then dry spinach, dry chicken and veggies…. I cooked down the spinach (which turned my 2 green containers into less than half a green container) and shredded some cheese (my blue container). I am going to use these to make tortillas for lunch. I’ll be getting two greens and 1 red, which both I find hard to eat as many as I need to. I’ll also be adding in my chicken which will give me a red, plus the tortilla, so there’s a yellow too!

Portioned off cooked down spinach, and shredded cheese for tortilla wraps.

Portioned off, cooked down spinach, and shredded cheese for tortilla wraps.

I ¬†ended up having a 2nd shake today to try to help with my reds. In the end I was victorious with finishing my reds but ended up only having 1 green today…..whoops! Point being, I’m full, I’m satisfied and it is not the end of the world if I do not finish all my container servings.

See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxoxoxox ~Heather

#21DayFix Day#4 #100LBWeightLossJourney

Day #4

Before we get started here’s a “Did You Know” segement:


That when you sign up for a FREE Team Beach Body membership you get 10% off your order of Shakeology!

Please sign up for a *FREE* membership here:

I have used this free service prior to being a coach to monitor my workouts(non Beach Body and Beach Body) as well as my fitness goals.

Today is going slow. Or so it seems. My list of things to do is going slow, the day itself is going rather fast.

Trying to organize myself is a long and tiring task. My anxiety doesn’t help with that. I know there are a gazillion things I need/want to get done. But, finding the time to complete them is almost impossible. I have all kinds of Beach Body stuff to read up on and get organized so I can be the best coach I can be for people. I have my daily videos and blog posts to make. I have food prep and actually eating to do. Not to mention housework and kids. Catching up on emails. It all seems to pile p faster then I can get it done. Rather quite frustrating. I know though that once I can get things organized and have set times when I do things it will all flow much smoother. i also find the days when my hubby is working, things flow much smoother as well as I get the housework done first so that I have time for everything else.


Here’s what I have noticed so far with my clean eating and drinking Shakeology . So far it seems that I am losing an average of 2lbs per day. As of last night I was down 5LBS in 3 days. Can’t argue with that! I definitely feel more energized and awake. I most certainly do NOT suffer from hunger pangs. LOL.

Can’t seem to just post my morning accountability video here, so, guess you can check out all the videos from yesterday right there above using the playlist selection at the top left.

There’s even a video of me making my morning Shakeology shake.

Word of advice. Don’t put spinach/kale and cantaloupe in your shake. Just don’t. Lessen learned. Follow actual recipes. Bleh!

Here’s one for you:

Strawberry  Almond Goodness Shakeology Shake:


  • 1 scoop/packet Strawberry Shakeology
  • 8oz unsweetened almond milk
  • 15 frozen strawberries
  1. Add almond milk to blender.
  2. Add Strawberry Shakeology to the almond milk.
  3. Add the frozen strawberries into the mix.
  4. Blend until creamy.



Got invited to my brother and sister-in-laws for supper. Totally through off my planned supper, however, I adjusted and made sure that there would be no issues with being able to have a meal that would fill me up. Luckily for me, Carin (My SIL) jsut started 21DayFix as well, so we were both there measuring out our portions.

I also have to say, that they have¬†taught me how to make my meals more flavorable without adding in extras. They made a “stew” with potatoes, carrots, turnip, celery and pepper. It tasted AMAZING!


I also got some turkey. I also had one more piece of turkey after that. I was kinda short on my protein yesterday. Ooooops! But, the idea is to try to hit within a set target of calories, you don’t necessarily need to eat everything on your menu for the day, though I do try to as it keeps me full and away from snacking (because I’m full).


This was my bed time snack last night. Satisified my “snacky” feeling.

If you would like to be notified of upcoming challenge groups please make sure to follow me on facebook or twitter or fill out the comment form below!


#21DayFix Day#3 #100LBWeightLossJourney

Day #3 is here!

Before workout

Before workout

It was a lovely morning for yoga! IMG_20141012_082514




Breakfast & Snacktime:


PicMonkey Collage


I’m a little worried about eating today. Thanksgiving dinner is tonight, it usually consists of a mound of mashed potatoes (gravy and margarine), carrots, corn, pop, turkey and pie. I know I can have pretty much unlimited turkey (well, 4 of my 6 serving sizes). But, it’s not having margarine or gravy on my vegetables (especially the mashed potatoes) that will be hardest to avoid..and salt…I like lots of salt on my turkey….and no dessert….no pie for me….this is my whiney moment, please forgive me!

I know it will end on a positive note later today!
Well, I did some food prepping today. Cooked up 2 different batches/flavours of chicken and finally cut up my cantaloupe.

Then we took the kids to ride their bikes at the high school. My baby got her training wheels taken off today!! They were both riding amazingly well for us just starting to teach them last month.

Then we went to my mom and dads for turkey dinner.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

I’m not going to lie, not the same this year…food was bland and definitely not enjoyable without the margarine, salt and gravy. But, I ate it and it was filling. I avoided all temptations, including the candy corn cupcakes. *sigh*

My mom did the “oh you can have just a little, that won’t hurt you” and I said there’s no point in me going this if I’m not going to follow it. Cheating would only hurt me. I don’t need any setbacks.
I’m really getting sick of eating chicken though….so much protein! I’m a fussy eater and I am limited in my options. This is even harder than the greens.

Now I am home, finished my snack and still feeling full.
I made it through Day#3!!!

Have a great night everyone!!!


#21DayFix Day#2 #100LBWeightLossJourney

Day #2 was a rainy Saturday morning. I did not want to get up and get moving…but, the kids did! LoL, leave it to them to get me up and moving in the mornings. I don’t need an alarm clock, just my kids!


PicMonkey Collage

So, got my workout done. Dirty 30. Yes, it was tough. The last round of exercises were brutal, could barely do them. But, I finished and another day with the sweat pouring off me…LoL…Yeah I know gross image. But, that means I’m working it.

If you’re working out and you’re not sweating, then you’re not working it hard enough!

(unless of course you have a medical condition that prevents you from sweating)


#pws  Post Workout Selfie

Post Workout Selfie

I’ve read on lots of sites, blogs, twitter, etc. That some people have an issue with how much people post their selfies after working out. I would like to address that complaint. Get a life! (LOL) If you have nothing better to do then to complain about someone posting too many sweaty PWS pics then you are a pretty ridiculous and pathetic person. Maybe you should get busy with working out. ūüôā One of the main reasons people post these after workout shots, is accountability. If we get into a routine of making sure to post them everyday because we know they are being viewed, we’re going to do that workout. It helps to keep us focused and motivated.

On with the day!!




Breakfast was a yummy Shakeology shake (with 1 purple container -rasps and strawberries), grapes, and wholegrain tortilla with peanut butter.

I definitely notice a difference in my energy and focus after drinking my shake. I can honestly say that I have not had “fibro fog” the past two days! When I was done having breakfast I went and tackled the piled up laundry and tidying of the kids rooms.

Snack time quickly approached!

PicMonkey Collage2

Tempted to sweeten my green tea, but, I didn’t. However, I did buy some Stevia and raw sugar to have on hand for moments of weakness. LOL

I faced a will power battle when the kids wanted snacks and were choosing less than healthy options (oreo mini cookies). Temptation is at me with every turn in this house but, I have held strong for two days now. It has NOT been easy. I feel like I did when i was trying to quit smoking, but, WORSE! I feel a panicked and immediate feeling of having to eat something (that I THINK I want to eat). I also feel angry about not being able to eat what I want, when I want. it totally sucks. But, in those moments I know it must be time for a snack or a bottle of water. My brain is telling me to seek old habits, but, I am NOT listening. I just keep reminding myself of where I want to go on this journey.

“I’m NOT taking a shortcut!” (Reference to this blog post:¬† )

Lunch Time!

Lunch Time!

I added some vinegar, splash of olive oil and spices to my green stuff (Kale and Spinach) today.

Then it was time to head off to the Kids Run with Valley Harvest Marathon. I was unable to run this year (next year I will be though!). But, I entered my kids into the kid run. We had to leave before supper and would be gone for a few hours so I had to pack supper/snacks that would work.

Here’s what I ended up with:


I learnt a valuable lesson. It IS possible to stay on track while on the road.

We stopped after the run to grab the kids MacDonalds happy meals…..normally I would get something too….normally I would eat the fries that dropped onto the bottom of the happy meal box…normally I would eat the kids fries if they did not eat them. Looks like I’ve kicked “normally” to the curb because I didn’t eat one fry!!!! I ate my apple at this point and drank my water.

#NSV (Non Scale Victory) – This one was a huge hurdle for me to get over, but, I did it. And I am SO proud of myself. Sorry, but, I am going to toot my own horn for a minute.

TOOT! TOOT! (Photo credit: aka Jens Rost / Foter / CC BY-SA)

(Photo credit: aka Jens Rost / Foter / CC BY-SA)

I got home and we got the kids to bed. And I had a last minute tortilla with peanut butter to make sure I wouldn’t wake up hungry.

Here’s to a successful day#2 ! WOOOOOOT!

xoxoxox ~Heather


#21DayFix Day#1 #100LBWeightLossJourney

Day#1 #21DayFix with #100LBWeightLossJourney 


Yesterday was prep day. It was a long day as I also had to work and do my shopping/prepping while working (I babysit). It’s going to take some time to find shortcuts and easier/faster ways of making this program work for me, I already have found a few tricks, but, I’ll learn more I am sure!

So here’s what I had ready to go at the end of prep day:


Don’t let the pictures fool you! This is an amazing amount of food!

Let’s get started!!!


Yeah, that’s me…LoL..I know scary right? I hate talking into a camera, but, I’ll get better at it…hopefully.

The workout was great. I really enjoyed it. I did the modifier on a couple moves and pushed through a couple moves. By the end of it I was dripping sweat, which is a good sign!

After a nice shower it was time for breakfast. Here’s what I had:


Breakfast! Shakeology, chicken bacon and grapes. (2 slices of the bacon went into the bellies of my children though! They were very sneaky!)

Then I got busy trying to catch up on housework and online work….and I missed my snack time by a half hour…not good! I began to start craving food and felt like I was starving, and even had a moment where I even allowed myself to have negative thoughts…but, I pushed through it and grabbed my snack:


Snacktime #1 - Orange pepper, chicken bacon, sunflower seeds and water.

Snacktime #1 – Orange pepper, chicken bacon, sunflower seeds and water.


Then I had to leave the house to run errands…and now it was getting very close to lunch time…what was I going to do?


Good thing I had items that were ready to go!!! (Being prepped saved me, though there were a few options I could have easily gotten together)

Here’s what I took with me:



Ancient Gains Cheerios(LOVE!) and multigrain crackers and almonds. Not pictured – a bottle of water!


I’m not crazy about any of the food choices. I mean, I like some of them, even love a couple, but, I found I did enjoy of things today a lot more then I normally would have.

Survived driving past Tim Horton’s without stopping, survived not buying chips that were on sale as I was at the checkout and I did not buy ANYTHING to snack on while driving.

I DID it! Yes, it’s only day one, but, so far it was going good!

Then it was time for lunch!

Broccoli, Spinach/Kale mix, carrots, and chicken. This was a HUGE serving!

Broccoli, Spinach/Kale mix, carrots, and chicken. This was a HUGE serving! There’s a lot more green under there!


Shortly thereafter I was getting the kids their supper….french fries and hotdogs… I winced as I opened the fridge and saw last nights leftovers…I also had a rough moment a bit earlier when my daughter had gone and got cookies for a snack ….but, ¬†I made it through…and survived! WITHOUT giving in to temptation!

I snacked on this while making the kid's supper to try to ward off the temptations.

I snacked on this while making the kids’ supper to try to ward off the temptations.



Supper: Spinach/Kale mix, peas, chicken and cucumber (vinegar and pepper on the cucumber)

Supper: Spinach/Kale mix, peas, chicken and cucumber (vinegar and pepper on the cucumber)

I wanted so badly to take a few fries off the tray and eat them like I normally would..but I didn’t! Though I did inhale a smell of ketchup…LOL…Sweet, tangy goodness….none for me! *sigh* I’ll get over it eventually!

I was so stuffed after eating this, I could not fathom eating anymore. But, once we got the kids to bed, I had my last snack for the night:

Snack #4 - frozen raspberries.

Snack #4 – frozen raspberries.

I still have a tortilla and peanut butter I could eat, but, I’m done. I cannot eat anymore. So I will leave you with my end of the day video and head off to bed!!

Day #1 Complete and Successful!!!!!!!


Are you ready for a change? A positive change? Do you want to feel and look better? I emphasized feel because in reality that is what is more important. Feeling healthier, feeling more positive, and learning to LOVE yourself! FEELING ALIVE! 

You deserve a chance to feel that way and so do I.

I am ready to start the challenge.

Will you join me? I’ll be right here to help you.

Challenge group is here:      #jointhechaos    on Facebook.

*** I will be doing 21 Day Fix during the month of October. This way you will be able to see my changes and results before we start November 10th!

I will be posting a video log on Youtube: on the #100LBWeightLossJourney playlist found here:

and keeping you up to date daily on facebook :

I will do be doing this challenge pack twice!

I’ll also be posting recipes, tips & tricks, workout videos, etc to help you along the way.

OUR journey begins right NOW!

                                                              xoxo    ~Heather

Upon completion of the 21 Day Fix Challenge group (December 1st 2014), those members who bought a challenge pack and completed the challenge will have their name put into a draw for $25 Paypal prize. Someone is going to win $25 because they chose to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle!!

Ps: If you would like to receive more information please feel free to contact me using the contact form below!




JEWSNEWS ¬Ľ You‚Äôll Never Look At The Banana The Same Way Again After Reading This

Join The Chaos (Challenge Group – Are You Ready For A Change?) – Part Two

Join The Chaos (Challenge Group – Are You Ready For A Change?) – Part Two

(If you missed Part One, Click HERE .)


Let’s make the decision to choose the road ahead of us, together.

Photo credit: / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

For now, it is straight forward, one foot in front of the other.

But, eventually those other roads will try to provide us shortcuts and have you step onto a beaten path that you have travelled before.

Roads filled with failure and negativity. But, we’re going to do our best to keep walking forward, looking for that finish line which is NOT too far in the distance.

¬†Let’s address some of those concerns/feelings/thoughts that might interfere with our journey, and maybe pull some of you, out of the sinkholes and puddles you might currently be stuck in. You do not have to turn and take a shortcut, you can stay on the road ahead of you.

Specifically let’s address some of those negative and destructive thoughts/feelings(parts¬†of these have been taken from previous blogposts):

#1 – I’m not “allowed” to eat that.


This has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves with people who become obsessed with their health, and also one of my problematic thoughts that I struggle to evict from my brain. I feel that trying to become someone I am not, is unrealistic and a good way to set myself up for failure. I like sugary treats, I like salty treats, I like fatty and processed foods. Attempting to eliminate them completely from my diet because “it’s the only way you’ll lose weight and get healthy” is complete and utter bull. I will not succeed in doing this, I know, because I have tried many times to do this. I have NO desire to completely eliminate the things I enjoy eating, so when I attempt to do so, I end up binge eating on the wrong foods…and this lasts for DAYS. So, for me, my goal is to learn to eat the sugary/salty/fatty stuff in moderation, which is tough enough on it’s own! But I know in the end I will be much happier and healthier, mentally ,on my journey. ūüôā

#2 – It’s “OKAY” to eat¬†that.


Most of you will think my number 1 paragraph is unhealthy and that you cannot keep eating what you want and be healthy.

So, let me continue on.

It is not okay to eat what you want, when you want…..yet, most days I tend to continue doing this, thinking it is perfectly fine….when in reality I know it is not.Those choices are keeping me from achieving my goals….or at least slowing me down from reaching them. It is not okay to go to the store and have a cart full of processed/sugary/fatty/salty foods and one bunch of bananas…those bananas are not doing me any good if I keep eating all that other crap. I get it. But, there are times when I have been given “the look” or been told not to eat “that” and have been judged about what I am eating…which has resulted in my eating much more of those items just out of spite and anger because my brain will tell me “it’s okay to eat that, screw them for telling me I can’t or shouldn’t”. Obviously it is a very unhealthy thought to think that I could continue to eat as unhealthy as I have been and be able to achieve my goals/get healthy. So, I am definitely working on changing that!

Finding balance between healthy and “unhealthy” foods¬†is an important goal for me. Because, I WILL have my cake and eat it too. ;-p

#3 – I can’t do it.

Used from:

¬†A person is only limited in what they can do because of the choices they make and the negative thoughts they allow to “control” their lives.
Here is one of my favorite quotes:
‚ÄúThe moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.‚ÄĚ ‚Äē J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

I know that we can do anything if we just put the effort in and CHOOSE to make it happen.

In the past there were definitely times when we were not ready for this journey. But, this is a new day (and there’s lots more in the future!) and we just need to regain our focus. Do you have a reason (a “focus”) for wanting to be on this journey?

Wanting to watch my kids grow up, get married and have their own children has become my driving force(or my “focus”)to get healthier.

Some days are easier than others. Some days we’re going to “fall off the band wagon”…but I know WE CAN¬†do this.

We just have to remind ourselves why we want to do this and  jump back on that band wagon  run past that band wagon as fast as we can and jump up into the front of it.

We don’t want to be riding in the back of that wagon, we want to be DRIVING it!!

Banishing the “I can’t do it” thought is going to take time, but, WE will get there!!

#4 I’m to tired, sore, sick….I have no energy.


I know WE are all guilty of uttering those words. And in reality, it is more of a mental block than the actual physical symptoms that are holding us back. You may feel tired, sick, sore, etc You may indeed feel like you have no energy. But, guess what???

If you keep doing what you’re doing, nothing is going to change!

The lack of energy and being tired (for those who are significantly overweight) is generally because of what we are eating, and from NOT getting enough physical exercise.

(Medical issues can cause this as well..but, don’t lay the blame there either, as most medical conditions¬†improve¬†with weightloss!)

I have someone in my life who has gained about 30-40lbs in the past few months, and for her small frame, that is a lot. She has many health issues which are progressively getting worse because of her sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity. I am terrified she is going to end up in a wheelchair or have a stroke. But, she will not listen. She’ll call me up and say she’s out of breath or feeling really asthmatic, or her muscles hurt….and I keep telling her…go for a walk. Walk up and down the driveway 5 times (if it takes an hour, it takes an hour), walk on the spot for 1 minute, tap your feet while sitting…anything, just get your body moving!! It will get better and easier!! (I couldn’t bend over to get my shoes on and off my feet 3 years ago. I could barely lift my foot onto my lap to do it….now I can!)

<Please Note: Always seek your doctor’s advice before starting any new physical activity routine!>

YOU have to get moving!! Regardless of how you feel, regardless of the fact that you might feel worse the first few times you do get moving, eventually it will get better!

I’ll admit it it. I’m lucky that I have finally figured that out. It took me a long time to get here. So, most times when I feel too tired, or sore to workout, I push through it and I do my workout. Sure, I could give in, but that just sets me up for long term failure, because I won’t just give in for that day, I’ll give in for 2 days, a week, a month and then I am right back where I started: exhausted, sick, and sore…unmotivated to start again.

Have YOU done this??

It’s not the end of the world having to start all over again. It’s a new beginning! YOU can do this!!

#5 I don’t have time.


Ouch. This one people use a lot as an excuse. The reality is, if you want something bad enough, you make the time. Get up 30-60 minutes earlier in the morning (wear your workout clothes to bed), or before you sit down and relax to watch a show in the evening ¬†– DO YOUR WORKOUT FIRST!!¬†It isn’t rocket science. Yet we ALL fall prey to this mental delusion that we do not have time to get ourselves healthy. We have to set our priorities! The other day I did my squat challenge while brushing my teeth!!!

#6 ¬†I can’t afford to.¬†

Wallet and gas tank empty??

Wallet and gas tank empty??

¬†I’ve been caught in this sink hole. I’ll spend money on things I really do not need, and on snacks or fun stuff.

But, I have now decided that I am worth it. And, you need to realize that so are YOU!

I have purchased my first challenge pack and signed up as a Beach Body Coach. It’s a large sum of money to invest when you are on a fixed income. But, how do you put a price on your health???

I was probably spending that much money on fast food, snacks, and things I didn’t need every month. I have decided to INVEST in MYSELF.

I decided that the best way for me to immerse myself in my #100LBWeightLossJourney was to get myself the tools I needed to be successful. That is why I chose the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack.

  • You receive a workout to do (there is a schedule to follow) If you post your completed workouts daily on the Team BeachBody Super Gym website, which is free to sign up, you can earn a free t-shirt when you complete the program! There are other possible contests as well!
  • You receive colored containers which measure out your portion sizes for your meals each day! It even comes with a guide to know what to fill the containers with (different options for each food group)! I am really excited about this! Portion Control! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Choosing my options and prepping each night so it is all ready to go for the next day. <NOTE: Some people choose Sunday as a food prep day. You can cook your meat and blanch/steam your veggies, then refrigerate or freeze portions so you are ready to go ALL week>
  • Shakeology – I chose strawberry as I found I can mix it the best to suit my taste(I use orange juice, half frozen banana and some frozen strawberries). I will be honest I do not like shake drinks of any kind. But, after trying this and feeling¬†the benefits (more energy, full longer, more awake, more focused). I couldn’t wait to order more!

Are you ready for a change? A positive change? Do you want to feel and look better? I emphasized feel because in reality that is what is more important. Feeling healthier, feeling more positive, and learning to LOVE yourself! FEELING ALIVE! 

You deserve a chance to feel that way and so do I.

I am ready to start the challenge.

Will you join me? I’ll be right here to help you.

Email. Facebook. Txt. Skype.  Whatever you need to make this happen, I will do my best to offer you that support.

21 day Fix is currently on sale!!!! Order soon! –>>Order it here <<—

 I do NOT know when the sale ends, so please, order now and get ready to start the journey on November 10th with me!

Challenge group is here:      #jointhechaos    on Facebook.

*** I will be doing 21 Day Fix during the month of October. This way you will be able to see my changes and results before we start November 10th!

I will be posting a video log on Youtube: on the #100LBWeightLossJourney playlist found here:

and keeping you up to date daily on facebook :

I will do be doing this challenge pack twice!

I’ll also be posting recipes, tips & tricks, workout videos, etc to help you along the way.

OUR journey begins right NOW!

                                                              xoxo    ~Heather

PS: Did I mention that there will be a GIVEAWAY?! Oh, I forgot that part didn’t I?

 Win $25 Paypal!

Win $25 Paypal!

Upon completion of the 21 Day Fix Challenge group (December 1st 2014), those members who bought a challenge pack and completed the challenge will have their name put into a draw for $25 Paypal prize. Someone is going to win $25 because they chose to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle!!

Ps: If you would like to receive more information please feel free to contact me using the contact form below!





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