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Alien Flubber – Pinterest Success Story!


It was a rainy day…..too wet to go outside….actually, it was Father’s Day, and the hubby was doing his own thing and I wanted to do something fun with the kidlets.

So, I searched Pinterest for some creative and somewhat potentially messy activities and found a recipe for flubber.

You can see the original pin here:

Let me first of all say, I am not usually one to indulge in messy play at our house, because it usually gets out of control and I end up having to clean more then I should after the activity is finished. However, I also know how very important it is for kids to have messy play and am now being more open to trying new creative play ideas.

So, stick around because there will be a few more posts like this in the future!

Let’s get started with making ALIEN FLUBBER!


It is best, I find, to have all your materials prepped BEFORE you call the kids to the table to get started. Be prepared.

 I got everything ready and even had the correct measuring spoons/cups ready to go.

Here are the things we used:

<Below is the measurements to use for HALF the original recipe – this got split BETWEEN my kids so they ended up with 1/4 of the original recipe each; which I found to be more then enough flubber for them to play with>

3/4 cup warm water

8oz of clear blue glue

food coloring (16 drops)

glitter (Approx 2 tsp)

1/2 cup + 2tbsp + 2tsp warm water

1/2 tsp borax (I did NOT use the laundry kind(but you can), I got mine from the pharmacy)

Measuring spoons/cups, gloves, spoons, 4 separate small mixing bowls



Now, the next thing you need to know is I took the original recipe and divided it by four so each child could make their own bowl of flubber.

Here is the measurements that I would use if making it for only 1 child:

3/8 cup of water (aka 6TBSP)

40z clear blue glue

food coloring (8 drops)

glitter ( Approx 1 tsp)

1/4 cup + 1 tbsp + 1 tsp warm water

1/4 tsp borax (I did NOT use the laundry kind(but you can), I got mine from the pharmacy)

Measuring spoons/cups, gloves, spoons, 4 separate small mixing bowls


Now, it’s time to go through the steps of making flubber, which is extremely easy to do!


1.)Prep your materials and utensils.

2.) Put warm water (first measurement) in a bowl, and add your glue.

3.) Add food coloring and glitter.

4.) Gently mix together.

5.) In a separate bowl, mix warm water (2nd measurement) and borax, and stir gently. I did this portion of the activity as it is not recommended to let children use the borax. <I think it has to do with children inhaling the borax dust>

6.) Slowly pour the water/borax mixture into your glue mixture and stir as it is added and it with slowly start to form.

7.) Mix/squish with hands until it becomes a somewhat formed blob.


And…..your done! Congratulations you just made Alien Flubber!


Store in an air tight container and it should last quite a long time.

You can pull it, cut it, stretch it and it will still come back to form a blob.


Let me know if you make some and share your picture!

   ~Heather xoxoxox

PS: If your child has a tendency to put stuff in their mouth, please supervise them with this, it is NOT meant to be eaten!


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