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The Snow Queen: Magic of the Ice Mirror! Review and Digital Giveaway!

Come On A Digital ICY ADVENTURE With The Snow Queen: Magic of the Ice Mirror!

Released today, November 3rd, 2015  via iTunes:

 The Snow Queen: Magic of the Ice Mirror


This follow-up feature film once again sends us on an a fun, family adventure with Gerda (Bella Thorne) and Orm (Sharlto Copley)  that you won’t want to miss.


After celebrating their victory over the Snow Queen, Gerda and Orm have given their fellow trolls a taste of freedom. But when Orm gets a cold-hard reality check, they slip into another perilous journey and must protect the world from eternal winter.

—>>> View the trailer for The Snow Queen: Magic of the Ice Mirror <<<—

My Review:

Having not seen the first movie(Which I highly recommend doing!), The Snow Queen, I am glad that the movie starts with a 3 minute recap of what has happened so far with Orm.

Orm has quite the personality. He ends up in many funny and somewhat dangerous situations.

I found myself holding my breath within one of the first scenes where Orm has an “accident” at work.

The movie has many situations that many younger children will not understand like issues with money and bills, getting fired from your job, and eviction. I would not recommend this for under 6 yeas of age, but, it really depends on the child and what they are used to watching.

That being said, because the characters have wonderful “personalities” children of all ages will enjoy this adventure!

I think it will make for a lovely addition your holiday movies! Definitely a great movie to have on hand when your kids need a bit of distraction this holiday season.

Orm may be accident prone and have a nasty habit of telling lies to get out of and around trouble but, deep down he has the best of intentions and wants to be good.

Unfortunately Orm is faced with fighting his inner demons. Learning to choose right over wrong is not easy.

But, you’ll have to watch the movie to see if he is able to conquer them

and become good once and for all!

This movie is full of twists and turns and very funny moments that I am sure you and your family will love!

Your kids will love all the old and new characters in this movie. My favorite character is Orm’s sidekick Luta who just also happens to be his “Jiminy Cricket” trying to keep Orm from making bad choices.


Image Credit:

Ps: Did you know that the voice of Arrog is none other than The Game of Throne’s Sean Bean?!!

I really enjoyed this movie and give it a 8/10 overall. Please come back and let me know what you thought of it!

Available  @iTunesMovies this is a great movie to add to your holiday collection!

 For those of you who cannot wait to watch this awesome movie:

Here is the iTunes direct to purchase link :

Click there —>>> The Snow Queen: Magic of the Ice Mirror


One of my lucky Canadian and USA followers  have a chance to WIN The Snow Queen: Magic of the Ice Mirror on iTunes, gifted to them by Momentum Pictures / kaboom! Entertainment. This giveaway ends November 27th at 11:59pm

CLICK HERE —>>>a Rafflecopter giveaway<<<—to ENTER


I hope you and your family enjoy this movie as much as I did!

After entering the above giveaway please head on over to A Crafty Christmas Giveaway where there are 10 prizes  up for grabs. Ends November 30th.


Product Review – Betty Crocker Reese Dessert Bar Mix

IMG_20150213_110045I like trying new things. And when a company comes out with something that combines two things I already love, then the logical choice would be to try it, right?

 I can honestly say that blending two flavors/products does not always result in a positive review.

I bought the above chocolate covered chips on a whim, just to try them. They are combining chips, which I love with chocolate, which I love. The combination should result in perfection right?

No. This time it did not. Not for me anyways.


You do not get many chips per bag, maybe like 15-20. i didn’t think to count. And many of them are really quite small, not whole chips. Most were partially covered by chocolate, like the one seen above.

The chocolate was very creamy and rich and tasty. No complaints about the chocolate. I could not taste the chip at all and the salt was incredibly overbearing. Too much salt! That was the downfall for me. It ruined it. I could see this being a pleasing snack if the majority or all of the salt had been removed.

But for almost $5 a bag. I won’t be buying any more. Kudos to you who love them! 🙂

Now, on with the product review that this post is supposed to be about: Betty Crocker’s Reese Dessert Bars.


I’ve seen many posts on facebook and pinterest who do copycat recipes or recipes using brand name(like Reese) products and yet, I have not tried many of them. Guess that will be changing over the next few months as I have more time to bake.

I saw this product on the grocery store shelf and while curious on how it tasted, I was not going to pay over $4.00 to try it out. But, last week it went on sale for just under $3 and I decided to give it a try.


There are 3 packages inside the box.


The Reese Bar Bottom


The Reese Peanut Butter Filling



The Chocolate Frosting Mix

Everything was easy to mix up and prepare. Though I hit a bit of a snag with the ingredients I needed to add to the mix.

I was completely out of eggs.

I already knew that you could use apple sauce and bananas as a substitute for a missing egg, but, I did not want to effect the taste of the bar as that would effect my review of it.

I found that in place of one egg, I could use the following: 2 tablespoons water + 1 tsp oil + 2 teaspoons baking powder, beaten together until smooth.

This did not affect the taste of the recipe at all nor how it baked.

The end result looked like this:


While it tasted great and you could tell that the peanut butter filling was Reese, I did NOT care for the frosting. I would have much rather melted chocolate chips and put a layer on top. If I decided to purchase it again I will save the frosting mix for something else as it did taste good, just not for this square. It did not compliment the rest of the recipe at all.

Thanks Betty Crocker and Reese for a great new product that I am sure bakers who are short on time will love!

Please click on their names and check out their websites for amazing recipes and other fun stuff! 🙂

xoxoxox ~Heather

#GameNight Voxbox – Product Review

I love free stuff. Who doesn’t?

Especially when times are tough and we would like to be able to buy what we want, when we want.

It is especially nice that there are programs and contests out there where you can receive/win free products.

I recently signed up for a free account from Influenster . A social media hub where getting connected means that you can earn rewards and products to do reviews on.

Here is a statement found directly on their page so you can know a little more specifically what it is all about:

“The Influenster Team ships out thousands of exclusive VoxBoxes every month from brands you know and love (or will soon love) for FREE. Some programs feature an assortment of great products while others spotlight one awesome brand.” Click here to read more:

This month we were the lucky recipients of a VoxBox.

Thanks Influenster!


Let’s see what we got!

We get to take a break from technology and sit down to play a board game together! Time to connect!

We get to take a break from technology and sit down to play a board game together! Time to connect!

When I opened the box I was thrilled to see Monopoly Junior inside!

(I had an unboxing video but, for some reason my phone has decided to “eat” it and I cannot find it anywhere! )

Cute and well made player pieces!

Cute and well made player pieces!

This is one game I was not only looking forward to playing with my kids at some point, but also dreading it…. I remember always losing at monopoly as a kid, the evil empire my brother would build with hotels.


We took out all the pieces, read the instructions and started to play. All the pieces are well made, the colors are vibrant and eye catching.

I have to say that I love the “spin” on properties you can buy! You can buy a theatre, pet store, ice cream parlor etc. Awesome idea for kids instead of just having the traditional properties.



I was the banker, though I think next time I might let my oldest (Nate – he’ll be 7 in December) be in control of this. The math is very simple and easy, no big numbers! Properties cost $1 to $5 and you get $2 for passing Go!

I also liked the idea of having property signs(they have a picture of your player piece on them) to place above the property instead of houses and hotels which can become quite overwhelming for young children when trying to play traditional Monopoly. You simply buy your property and place a sign on it to show that it is already sold.


In keeping with tradition if you land on a sold property you must pay a fee, which is simply the purchase price of the property.

But, if the set of two properties are owned by the same person you pay for both properties.

IMG_20141110_185759[1] I don’t think my 5yr old (Kaelynn) likes paying when she lands on a spot!

That’s another thing to note. There are only 2 properties in a set. Simple. Kid friendly.



Playing Monopoly takes time, especially when playing with children 10 and under. It took us about an hour to play the game. But, it also took about 10 minutes to set up and explain the rules.

Patience is needed and I think that is why some parents do not like to sit down and play board games with their kids. It also requires a lot of explaining that there are rules and saying “that’s not fair!” doesn’t work when playing a board game (when everyone is playing fairly, that is!).


Unfortunately, there is always a loser in a game…. and … as always…it was me..LOL! I went brankrupt and could not afford to pay the fee when landing on a sold property. So, that is when the games ends and you count your money. The person with the most money wins. This time it just happened to be Kaelynn!


We had a lot of fun paying this game and look forward to playing it again soon!

Many thanks to Hasbro Gaming and Influenster for our Voxbox, which resulted in an awesome family #gamenight !


***Please note: We  received the product complimentary to test and/or review.

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