Product Review – Betty Crocker Reese Dessert Bar Mix

IMG_20150213_110045I like trying new things. And when a company comes out with something that combines two things I already love, then the logical choice would be to try it, right?

 I can honestly say that blending two flavors/products does not always result in a positive review.

I bought the above chocolate covered chips on a whim, just to try them. They are combining chips, which I love with chocolate, which I love. The combination should result in perfection right?

No. This time it did not. Not for me anyways.


You do not get many chips per bag, maybe like 15-20. i didn’t think to count. And many of them are really quite small, not whole chips. Most were partially covered by chocolate, like the one seen above.

The chocolate was very creamy and rich and tasty. No complaints about the chocolate. I could not taste the chip at all and the salt was incredibly overbearing. Too much salt! That was the downfall for me. It ruined it. I could see this being a pleasing snack if the majority or all of the salt had been removed.

But for almost $5 a bag. I won’t be buying any more. Kudos to you who love them! 🙂

Now, on with the product review that this post is supposed to be about: Betty Crocker’s Reese Dessert Bars.


I’ve seen many posts on facebook and pinterest who do copycat recipes or recipes using brand name(like Reese) products and yet, I have not tried many of them. Guess that will be changing over the next few months as I have more time to bake.

I saw this product on the grocery store shelf and while curious on how it tasted, I was not going to pay over $4.00 to try it out. But, last week it went on sale for just under $3 and I decided to give it a try.


There are 3 packages inside the box.


The Reese Bar Bottom


The Reese Peanut Butter Filling



The Chocolate Frosting Mix

Everything was easy to mix up and prepare. Though I hit a bit of a snag with the ingredients I needed to add to the mix.

I was completely out of eggs.

I already knew that you could use apple sauce and bananas as a substitute for a missing egg, but, I did not want to effect the taste of the bar as that would effect my review of it.

I found that in place of one egg, I could use the following: 2 tablespoons water + 1 tsp oil + 2 teaspoons baking powder, beaten together until smooth.

This did not affect the taste of the recipe at all nor how it baked.

The end result looked like this:


While it tasted great and you could tell that the peanut butter filling was Reese, I did NOT care for the frosting. I would have much rather melted chocolate chips and put a layer on top. If I decided to purchase it again I will save the frosting mix for something else as it did taste good, just not for this square. It did not compliment the rest of the recipe at all.

Thanks Betty Crocker and Reese for a great new product that I am sure bakers who are short on time will love!

Please click on their names and check out their websites for amazing recipes and other fun stuff! 🙂

xoxoxox ~Heather


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