#21DayFix Day#1 #100LBWeightLossJourney

Day#1 #21DayFix with #100LBWeightLossJourney 


Yesterday was prep day. It was a long day as I also had to work and do my shopping/prepping while working (I babysit). It’s going to take some time to find shortcuts and easier/faster ways of making this program work for me, I already have found a few tricks, but, I’ll learn more I am sure!

So here’s what I had ready to go at the end of prep day:


Don’t let the pictures fool you! This is an amazing amount of food!

Let’s get started!!!


Yeah, that’s me…LoL..I know scary right? I hate talking into a camera, but, I’ll get better at it…hopefully.

The workout was great. I really enjoyed it. I did the modifier on a couple moves and pushed through a couple moves. By the end of it I was dripping sweat, which is a good sign!

After a nice shower it was time for breakfast. Here’s what I had:


Breakfast! Shakeology, chicken bacon and grapes. (2 slices of the bacon went into the bellies of my children though! They were very sneaky!)

Then I got busy trying to catch up on housework and online work….and I missed my snack time by a half hour…not good! I began to start craving food and felt like I was starving, and even had a moment where I even allowed myself to have negative thoughts…but, I pushed through it and grabbed my snack:


Snacktime #1 - Orange pepper, chicken bacon, sunflower seeds and water.

Snacktime #1 – Orange pepper, chicken bacon, sunflower seeds and water.


Then I had to leave the house to run errands…and now it was getting very close to lunch time…what was I going to do?


Good thing I had items that were ready to go!!! (Being prepped saved me, though there were a few options I could have easily gotten together)

Here’s what I took with me:



Ancient Gains Cheerios(LOVE!) and multigrain crackers and almonds. Not pictured – a bottle of water!


I’m not crazy about any of the food choices. I mean, I like some of them, even love a couple, but, I found I did enjoy of things today a lot more then I normally would have.

Survived driving past Tim Horton’s without stopping, survived not buying chips that were on sale as I was at the checkout and I did not buy ANYTHING to snack on while driving.

I DID it! Yes, it’s only day one, but, so far it was going good!

Then it was time for lunch!

Broccoli, Spinach/Kale mix, carrots, and chicken. This was a HUGE serving!

Broccoli, Spinach/Kale mix, carrots, and chicken. This was a HUGE serving! There’s a lot more green under there!


Shortly thereafter I was getting the kids their supper….french fries and hotdogs… I winced as I opened the fridge and saw last nights leftovers…I also had a rough moment a bit earlier when my daughter had gone and got cookies for a snack ….but,  I made it through…and survived! WITHOUT giving in to temptation!

I snacked on this while making the kid's supper to try to ward off the temptations.

I snacked on this while making the kids’ supper to try to ward off the temptations.



Supper: Spinach/Kale mix, peas, chicken and cucumber (vinegar and pepper on the cucumber)

Supper: Spinach/Kale mix, peas, chicken and cucumber (vinegar and pepper on the cucumber)

I wanted so badly to take a few fries off the tray and eat them like I normally would..but I didn’t! Though I did inhale a smell of ketchup…LOL…Sweet, tangy goodness….none for me! *sigh* I’ll get over it eventually!

I was so stuffed after eating this, I could not fathom eating anymore. But, once we got the kids to bed, I had my last snack for the night:

Snack #4 - frozen raspberries.

Snack #4 – frozen raspberries.

I still have a tortilla and peanut butter I could eat, but, I’m done. I cannot eat anymore. So I will leave you with my end of the day video and head off to bed!!

Day #1 Complete and Successful!!!!!!!


Are you ready for a change? A positive change? Do you want to feel and look better? I emphasized feel because in reality that is what is more important. Feeling healthier, feeling more positive, and learning to LOVE yourself! FEELING ALIVE! 

You deserve a chance to feel that way and so do I.

I am ready to start the challenge.

Will you join me? I’ll be right here to help you.

Challenge group is here:      #jointhechaos    on Facebook.

*** I will be doing 21 Day Fix during the month of October. This way you will be able to see my changes and results before we start November 10th!

I will be posting a video log on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/ChaosNSilence on the #100LBWeightLossJourney playlist found here:http://www.youtube.com/#100LBWeightLossJourney

and keeping you up to date daily on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ChaosandSilence

I will do be doing this challenge pack twice!

I’ll also be posting recipes, tips & tricks, workout videos, etc to help you along the way.

OUR journey begins right NOW!

                                                              xoxo    ~Heather

Upon completion of the 21 Day Fix Challenge group (December 1st 2014), those members who bought a challenge pack and completed the challenge will have their name put into a draw for $25 Paypal prize. Someone is going to win $25 because they chose to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle!!

Ps: If you would like to receive more information please feel free to contact me using the contact form below!





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  1. Yay! I have no idea how you ate that much, and no doubt you were full! So proud of you, keep it up, you got this!

    • Thank you so much! Well, as I lose weight the amount I eat will lessen. There’s a calculation you do to find out how many calories you should be eating for your weight while on the program. Right now I usually feel pretty full, those sometimes, my brain tells me otherwise (dang cravings). I will get there though! 🙂

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