Join The Chaos (Challenge Group – Are You Ready For A Change?) – Part One

Join The Chaos (Challenge Group – Are You Ready For A Change?) – Part One

Have you ever said:
“this year I’m going to lose weight and get healthy” or “I need to lose weight”?

Has your doctor told you that your weight is causing other health issues or that if you do not lose weight you could die?

It has been a little over  a year since I was told to lose 100lbs…..and the journey has been full of ups and downs…. I’ve lost, and gained and repeated that cycle quite a few times.

It can be scary to start a new journey, especially when you’ve been down the road before only to fall into a sink hole and be unable to crawl back out. Unfortunately, if you don’t take that first step, you will always be in the same spot where you stand, stuck, unmoving and unchanging. That does not sound like a happy place to be at all.

And, that is where I am. Standing at the fork in the road.

Photo credit: vandinglewop / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: vandinglewop / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


If I turn left, I face all my fears and self destructive thoughts.

This is the “what if I fail and what if I have a bad day” road. The “I can’t” road.

YOU WILL ONLY FAIL WHEN YOU STOP TRYING! And…. everyone has bad days. SO, get over it.

Suck it Up and turn around! Wrong Road!

If I turn right, I face the road of excuses.

“I’m too fat to start”, ” I’ll never be able to do it”, “I’m too slow, too tired, too weak, I don’t know how”

 And the biggest two excuses “I don’t have time and I can’t afford to”.

I know this road all too well, and I can tell you this… it is filled with lies. I’m done walking this road.

If I turn and take the road behind me, or walk backwards, I face the past including all the emotional moments/life changes that I blame for “making me fat” (like pregnancy).

I’ve walked this road for a LONG time. This is the “it doesn’t matter what I do something always sets me back” road.

This is the road where I get lost in blaming others and situations, for the choices I’ve made.

Now, there is only one road left.

Straight ahead, straight forward.

Sure, there will be some curves and hills. I might even hit a pothole or two, but, that is all part of the journey.
This is the road to positive change, healthy beginnings, LIVING life, being able to breathe and the road to AWESOMENESS. This road is LONG. Its going to take time to travel it. I will reach pitstops(aka small goals/victories) along the way and eventually cross the finish line of my #100LBWeightLossJourney however, just because I cross the finish line, does NOT mean that that is the end of the road, for this road never ends. There is always room for improvement.

And,this is the road I am finally ready to travel.
Are you ready to take the first step with me? I hope so, I’d love some company!

On November 10th, I am starting a 21 Day Fix challenge group.  Are you thinking you want to do something to get started on your own journey? Why not join me then? Order a challenge pack and join the group. We can do this together!

For 21 Days we will commit to making healthy changes to our lives and I know if you give it 100℅, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results! I will also give you tips and tricks along the way of things that have worked for me so far as well as modifications to exercises to fit your current abilities.
We will stay connected via the challenge group, email, whatever you need to keep you going forward.
I not only want myself to succeed but I want YOU to succeed too!

So, if you’re ready to join me, let’s get started!

Click on the banner above (or below) and order your 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack, join the facebook challenge group and get connected with me and others who are participating in the challenge!

PS: Did I mention that there will be a GIVEAWAY?! Oh, I forgot that part didn’t I?

 Win $25 Paypal!

Win $25 Paypal!

Upon completion of the 21 Day Fix Challenge group (December 1st 2014), those members who bought a challenge pack and completed the challenge will have their name put into a draw for $25 Paypal prize. Someone is going to win $25 because they chose to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle!!

Are you sitting at a crossroad or stuck in a sinkhole? Which road are you going to choose this time? 

Photo credit: Lori Greig / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: Lori Greig / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

If you’re not quite convinced that this is the right challenge group for you: connect with me on facebook and youtube and watch as I start the 21 Day Fix (I am starting October 10th and will be ending on October 31st. On November 10th I will repeat 21 Day Fix with you, because I do NOT want you to face this alone!).

Also, you can  listen to some other testimonials of people who have already completed it.
Click HERE for testimonials!!

Also check out this “Beachbody Coach Info Chat with 21 day Fix creator Autumn Calabrese”.
It has alot of information that may help you make the decision to try this challenge!


On the next blog post Join The Chaos – Part Two , I address some of the roadblocks we face when journeying down the wrong roads.

So, check that out as well! Maybe I will have answered some of your questions of self doubt or addressed some of the excuses you have been facing/using for far too long.




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