#100LBWeightLossJourney Update for April 2014

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Good Morning!!!

Today is a new day!

Today is a new day!

First off, just let me say, this picture above I found while searching for “free sunrise pictures” on google..it immediately captured my eye and portrayed how I feel today. Feeling blessed and thankful, ready to start a new. But, the more incredible thing about this picture, is where it led me….

I clicked on “take me to the page” so I could provide a link back to the page containing the image, because even though it was listed as free, I wanted to at least mention what page it was linked to…and it was the most marvelous connection!!! Talk about “meant to be”…LOL…oh…guess I should share where it sent me to huh?

Talk about your divine intervention!  http://tradingpounds.com/blog/

Talk about your divine intervention!

(*please note: I have sent Steph a message to see if it is okay to use the above image, hoping so, I do not claim ownership to it or anything, it is hers and linked to her directly!)

The sunrise photo sent me to Steph and her blog “Trading Pounds” but, more specifically, her post called

“How To Know When You’re Ready”

I mean…how much more perfect can you get?!?! Kinda of like that V8 commercial where people get bonked on the forehead. LOL.

Click HERE to read all about Steph’s story..she’s lost..get ready for this…211LBS!!!! What an amazing inspiration and motivator for others on their journeys. While I only have 100lbs to lose, I hope that one day I too can be an inspiration/motivator for others.

She even has a book –

The Real Food Guide to Trading Pounds

Click on the link to be taken to Amazon.ca to buy it!

Now that I have totally gushed about someone else…..on with my update!!

In March I had been in pain again..sharp shooting pains in my abdominal area, where I always get it and it ends up being kidney stones..which I do have…so things slowed down for me mid-March and I became a homebody once more not wanting to venture outside or to workout inside even for fear of aggravating the pain more. But on April 5th I joined the running club in the graduation 5km run.


And guess what? Even though it was a freezing rain/slushy kind of day, I pushed through and completed the 5km with a run time of 42:45!



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPost 5km Grad Run - I survived!LMAO... I "sped" my self up to cross the finish line..




I'm in the back row, 3rd from left

I’m in the back row, 3rd from left

The day following this run, I ended up in emergency with heavy/abnormal bleeding and clotting (sorry TMI)…it scared me and while luckily it ended up not being anything serious at the time, we were able to specifically locate one of the pains I was having, well, as far as physical location is concerned..doctor didn’t really comment on it other then to follow up with my OB, for whom I have an appointment in June.

I have finally started  feeling well enough to jump back on the bandwagon to losing my 100lbs and getting healthy. So I slowly started back around the 18th of April with getting outside and walked 2.8km with the kids to our friend’s house.


I have been 95% pain free and am hoping it does not all come back once I start again, as it has done every other time. Hopefully this time I can break that cycle. I am still waiting for appointments to follow my kidney stones/cysts….thinking maybe it is time to just have the cysts removed to eliminate the possibility that they are the real issue.

As of Wednesday, April 23rd 2014 my stats were: 253lbs (I gained back…grrr)…..


Bust – 51 1/4″

Waist  – 49″

Hips – 51 1/2″

Thighs – 24 1/2″ Right 24″ left

Upper Waist(between belly button and chest) – 49 3/4 ”

Arms 14 1/2″ Right 13 1/2″ Left

Could not find my old measurements to compare but, can say with all honesty that they are probably all increases…my down times were really down times and I got sucked back in to the…”I’m going to eat whatever I want” to the extreme…naughty naughty me!

Okay…….here is what I have done as far as workouts:

Tuesday April 22, 2014 – Worked in yard for 2.5hrs and jumped on a trampoline, then I:

Joined #thefitpartners at fitclub for #LesMillsCombat workout:


Wednesday April 23, 2014 – Worked in yard for 1.5hrs and jumped on a trampoline, then I:

(No picture to insert as it seems my little one deleted the pics off my phone….argh….)

Joined #thefitpartners at fitclub for #Insanity #fittest ….what on earth was I thinking?!?!?! They are doing the fit test every week and they say I will continue to improve every week…but we’ll see!

Thursday April 24, 2014 – Joined the running club for my first run since the grad run on April 5th.


Post run. 3.89km in the freezing rain..all running, no walking!!

Post run. 3.89km in the freezing rain..all running, no walking!!

Friday was my day off, I was too sore by this point, and had lots of running around to do anyways, so I was still moving!

and, yesterday……

Well, before my hubby went off to work I was saying that I was not sure if I was going to go do the running club run or not because I would have to take the kids in the jogger/stroller and walk to the running club, then run, then walk back home. He looked at me and said “Don’t wuss out”…I looked at him and said that after the hard workouts I had already done that week, that having to walk/run/walk would be hard for me, especially just getting back on track…he was only joking…but, I took it to heart…and guess what?

I totally NAILED it! 

 Arrived at the library 1.86km walk from our house......Pre-Run

Arrived at the library – 1.86km walk from our house……Pre-Run

The extra 80lbs I was pushing.

The extra 80lbs I was pushing.

 Post run - 6.49km - I walked the hills.

Post run – 6.49km – I walked the hills.

And then….we walked home… another 1.83km (with about 0.5km in town, not counted) But…I made the kids walk up the hill, they had too much energy to spare!


So, I did over 10km yesterday, I am very thankful I was able to manage as we would not had a ride home if I had not been strong…LOL..so hubby…I did not wuss out, I committed and got it done. NO EXCUSES!

Hoping the rain holds off for today so I can walk to mom and dads later. 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

~Heather xoxoxoxo




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  1. Great job girl!! I am so proud of you!!

  2. Billie Jo Weir

    Thanks for the inspiration- I need to start 100 lb journey today

    • You are my inspiration!!! Your life is so busy with work and meetings, yet you still find time and make such efforts to keep bettering yourself (and your run times/distances!!) We can do this together Billie Jo!!! I’m just hoping to be able to join you for the Tartan Twosome…you should set a 20lb weightloss goal and have that run as being a celebratory run like I am…that is if I can raise enough money to participate in it, if not I’ll just have to set up my own run…LOL..but September is my goal to have a minimum of 20lbs off! 🙂 I know if I focus I could do much more than that..but I feel if I aim low it might be more manageable.

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