#100LBWeightLoss Journey – Chia Seeds & Smoothies

Hey Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I’m back…sort of….I have NOT been as active as I would like to have been in the past month, due yet again to health issues..which we are still trying to get to the root of it all but it seems to be many contributing factors: kidney stones, cysts on my ovaries, indigestion/acid reflux, digestive issues, bowel issues, anxiety, fibromyalgia, etc etc….So, needless to say, my health issues are not a quick easy fix. The pain got so bad 2 weeks ago that I had to go back on my morphine, luckily just for that day though as the morphine drags me down and makes me tired.

I’ve been slowly working at reorganizing/cleaning our home (yes, still)…and each part that I get accomplished definitely helps my anxiety, so I have been focusing more on that lately…also, hubby has been working lots and usually on the days that I run which has been keeping me from being able to get out for it.

Last tuesday though I pushed through the pain and went on a run, on my own. I did 5km running intervals (10 minutes of running the 1 minute walking), then I walked another 1km. I felt tired but great afterwards. I really miss it when i do not get our for a run. I keep wanting to start back on my morning workouts but never seen to get up early enough to fit one back into my routine…here’s hoping that I can start them again soon..maybe I will make that my goal for tomorrow morning. i guess it all depends on how today goes!

We also got hit by a blizzard this week which took up two days of getting outside for a run, though I did get out and shovel and play with the kids.

So, at the beginning of this month I discovered (in my own little world) a new product that was put out by Europe’s Best:


Smoothie packs contain enough fruit to make 3 smoothies as well as a packet of seeds to add to your smoothie. This particular bag was the Tropical Kale Delight package. It had bananas, pineapple, mangoes, kale and flax seeds in it. I mixed 3/4 cup of fruit to 1 cup of orange juice (though you could mix it with milk or almond milk should you prefer those) and 1 tbsp of flax seeds. I also added in 1/2 tbsp of chia seeds, which I have a new found love for and will talk more about those later.

I found this in the frozen fruit section at Walmart..and I do believe it was on sale for around $5.00 and it is about $7 regular price.

Like most smoothies the texture is not always pleasant, it was a bit gritty and ….I want to say starchy but that’s not the right word choice…hopefully you know what I mean. But, nonetheless I drank it and the taste itself was very nice. Sweet and enjoyable.


There was also another flavor choice: Mango Berry Tango. It contains Mangoes, Strawberries, Bananas, Blueberries and Flax Seeds. I wasn’t crazy about the blueberries in it but definitely liked this flavor better then the Tropical Kale Delight.

Now, on to chia seeds. I had heard many things about the health benefits of chia seeds and also more recently about how they expand in your stomache and give the feeling of being full…this definitely peaked my interest. So, I went to our closest bulk food store and got a small scoop of the seeds, which was rather quite cheap. I figured I would start small to see if I could tolerate them or not.

They definitely help with curbing food cravings and I most definitely feel fuller after having them in my smoothie.
Here is some more info on chia seeds click on either of the two links below:

Chia Seeds on Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndLz6FHuxZs

Website on Chia Seeds : The Amazing Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

I recently had a wonderful thing happen… might be a little TMI for some of you..but nonetheless a small victory for me…..last year I was wearing 3x undies…then this Christmas was at 2x…well…last week…I bought XL !!!! 🙂 Definitely exciting!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day…and stay tuned because I will be getting back to you more often, once I get some things here more organized! I keep saying it, but, I will!! 🙂 If you want to stay more connected to my #100LBWeightLossJourney please like my Facebook page at Chaos And Silence. I also have a permanent link sharing ladder for those of you who like to get some more traffic to your blog or business!

Ciao my Lovelies!


About ChaosAndSilence

#100LBWeightLossJourney New to Blogging Newbie Gamer on Twitch. Avid Contester Mother to 2, Wife of 6 years. Baking, photography, dancing, hiking, etc.

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