100LB WeightLoss Journey – On The Road Again (Continued)

Okay, so increasing my exercise incredibly this past week has resulted in my going to bed much earlier and having no energy left at the end of the day to blog…so now, I am trying to focus on getting up earlier (yeah, like 6am isn’t early enough!) to make sure I have time in the mornings to get my blogging done along with some housework before I have to take my daughter to preschool…yikes….like the anxiety I deal with already isn’t enough..LOL…this will just be a process of really learning to make time for myself and what is important  AND getting some of those things done that do cause anxiety for me if they don’t get done.

 So, on to the past few days. Well after I blogged on Monday night, I sat here at the computer catching up email and such….and I was really fighting a battle with my cravings to munch on something..anything….I felt ravenous…it was absolutely ridiculous…now mind you and I had pushed myself really hard at Monday night’s FitClub workout…probably a bit harder then I should have (even though compared to others I was barely moving…LOL)

So I think my body was kind of going through a bit of shock..LOL..BUT…I did prevail and did not let my temptation win…I had some water and went to bed.

The next morning I started the Body Gospel program…some of the transitions between moves is a bit hard for me to do because I seem to miss a step or something..but..I go with it and do the best I can..some of the routines I have to modify and others I pump it up. I am glad that I do not have to modify all of it as I do like a bit of boost to my workouts.
So on tuesday after doing my workout, I got my son on the bus and went for a walk(15 min approx). Then in the afternoon I went for another walk (60-70 minutes)…THEN…in the afternoon I did yard work (3hrs!)..so lots of exercising done on tuesday.
Now, the problem that came with tuesday is that I did not prep my snacks and meals…HUGE mistake….because in the afternoon I missed my snack and come suppertime, after doing all that yard work I was so hungry! AT lunch time I had been able to push through not having bread(which I agreed to give up for my 60 days)…but at suppertime…I just could not ignore the craving…..AND I ended up having popcorn and 1/4 cup of pop in the evening as a snack….and guess what? Even though I had only been adjusting my diet a few days…I felt kind of gross after my bread and popcorn addition…So I drank some extra water.
Yesterday my morning workout was not as tough as far as making me work hard….it was working on my core…but man were my thighs killing me because I could barely move! So I convinced my neighbour M to go walking in the afternoon (60 min) and then in the afternoon I was raking leaves and playing outside with my little girl…who decided she wanted to go for a walk….another 30minutes! My legs and feet were so sore last night I had to stretch them lots and ice them.

This morning I did the Body Gospel workout again (Day #3)! And after my shower decided to step on the scales just to see…..I’ve lost 8LBS!!!! so the 8LBS that i had gained back when I last stopped working out, are gone again…probably mostly water weight from all the salt I had been eating…but nonetheless it felt good to see that!
Yay me for a small victory! 🙂

Well, sunny day here I come! The school is going for a walk today to drop off donated food to the foodbank so I am hoping to join my little guy for that walk (60 min at least).

Have a great day everyone!!



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#100LBWeightLossJourney New to Blogging Newbie Gamer on Twitch. Avid Contester Mother to 2, Wife of 6 years. Baking, photography, dancing, hiking, etc.

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  1. I can understand your pain! I have a five year old in kindergarten, I work full time (luckily from home), I am in school working on a Masters Degree and my husband’s job keeps him away 90% of the time! I wake up at 5, allow myself 30 minutes with a cup of coffee, an hour for working out, then 15 minutes to shower before I have to get my son up and ready for school. He gets on the bus, and I get on my computer for work, he gets home right as I am done working for the day. This leaves me completing many tasks on my lunch, having to complete housework while he plays and my schoolwork after he goes to bed, and by that time (about 8) I am forcing myself to stay awake. I feel over run with tasks, and almost as if I neglect him so I try to make sure I include him with everything and make it fun for both of us! I have been contemplating waking up at 4 instead, but I am afraid that would just make it worse….

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