My 100LB WeightLoss Journey Days #57-59

I am a slug…LOL….a pudgie, exhausted, overwhelmed slug…. for the couple weeks I have slowed down in my extra bursts of energy…I am tired and unmotivated and wake up every morning dreading having to do my workout. I still find myself thinking “just one morning, I need to not push my body..I need to relax and sleep in..” But, luckily for once my desire to be consistent and my willpower seem to be on board with this journey…because every morning no matter how crappy I feel, no matter how much sleep I have gotten (sometimes only 2hrs), no matter how ouchie my joints are, no matter how bad my headache is…I get up and I do my 30 minutes. Now, granted I may do easier workouts on the days I feel really crappy…and I definitely need to be more aware of that because i am not pushing myself on my good days anymore.

I have been having sharp pains again, since my last doctor’s visit, like I did when I had my last kidney stone….I am going in on monday and ask to see some about the gastro issues and that he follow up with my concerns to have an xray to check to see about kidney stones and to do some follow up blood work on the fatty cells in my liver, because I have been told that they can move to the pancreas and that there is blood work that can be done to check on that.
I’m tired of him not listening. I might even call the urologist I had last year and just see if the receptionist will let me schedule a follow-up appointment…..might be an idea.

I am so ready for summer to come and have life slow down a bit…well, sort of….it will allow me to focus on getting my jewelry venture going and have extra time to exercise by taking the kids for walks…and get the house cleaned, or rather…gutted…I am going to purge like crazy!

Day #57 Workout Leslie Sansone 2 Mile walk…again..yes..again…LOL

Day #58 Consisted of 2 workouts. I did the first circuit (10 min) of the workout below – I do not like how fast he switches between the exercises, it is really rushed…so I stopped and then I think I did the 2 mile walk again..I’ll have to check and get back to you…if it was not the walk, I will leave a comment below!

HASfit 30 Minute Low Impact Beginner Workout – Easy Exercises

Today Day #59 – Had to modify a couple moves…this chick cracks me up…I have done a few of her workouts and there is not one that I do not enjoy. I have to modify a bit during her workouts because some of her moves are just so bizarre, but, I just keep going and still get a good workout…plus, because I find her amusing, I get through the workouts quickly. 🙂

Aerobics Workout for WEIGHT loss! 30 minute Cardio Circuit^Low Impact^

I will be doing the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home workouts alot….I will try to throw in at least one new workout each week. 🙂
but, I find that the walk at home series is not only easy to do while still giving me a challenge…..I LOVE how Leslie is so enjoyable to listen to….she is positive and motivating…and when she laughs, I laugh…she’s a great instructor!!

So, yesterday while on my little guy’s first school trip I got complimented on how great I look and today again I got complimented….I must be giving off a vibe. 🙂 If it weren’t for the pains in my abdominal area/sides and feeling sluggish…I’d be smiling a lot more…I’ll get there though…One step at a time…

I just stumbled onto an amazing list of motivators/stuff to help keep you going….I LOVE this list!
** All credit for this list goes to: JessicaSmithTV (whom I have done a workout on Youtube from and am know following)

They go on to explain each suggestion here: 50 Ways to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight <—click to go read more @ JessicaSmithTv on PopSugar.

1) Think wellness not weight loss.
2) Set reasonable goals.
3) LIMIT but do not ELIMINATE.
4) Pace yourself.
5) Try tipping your scales with blue.
6) Take stock of any and all of the positive changes new eating habits have brought you.
7) Celebrate the small victories!
8) Wear red to get going!
9) Trick out your tracksuit!
10) Drop the "perfect" mentality.
11) Be kind to yourself.
12) Nix the “all or nothing” approach.
13) Have an accountability partner.
14) Each day write down how your weight loss is making you feel healthier.
15) When you fall down, get right back up and try again.
16) Focus on what is going right.
17) Stop focusing only on physical changes.
18) Use your social network!
19) Schedule all your workouts at least a month ahead of time.
20) Choose one or two new, healthy habits to take on – not 10 or 20.
21) Take a cue from your local coffee house and set the mood for your mind.
22) Change the scenery around you.
23) Sleep on it.
24) Turn off the negative self-talk.
25) Have a Plan B ready.
26) Be Your Own Cheerleader.
27) Keep your motivation (and goals) evolving.
28) Cross train your habits.
29) 3-Step your goal.
30) Evaluate your goal.
31) List the painful consequences of not achieving your goal.
32) Use You Tube for Inspiration.
33) Stay away from bad influences.
34) Keep a success journal.
35) Name one reason why losing weight is bad for you.
36) Do some constructive venting.
37) Take it one ½ day at a time.
38) Share your weight loss goals with friends and loved ones.
39) Get a taste of what you want.
40) Recognize how far you’ve come.
41) Pick up on visual cues.
42) Take note of your options and actions.
43) Know Yourself.
44) Reward your Righteousness.
45) Bliss Out.
46) Create a vision.
47) Stay simple.
48) Get a theme song.
49) Stay sane by cheating – once in awhile.
50) Donate your "fat" clothes.

Awesomeness!!! Have a great day everyone!


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