My 100LB WeightLoss Journey day #56

Day#56(Tuesday, June 11th)- 2 months of exercising every single morning…..I never would have thought that I would have made it this far…and I know I have said that before, but, honestly, I truly could not have.

Result Photo - Photo bombed by my little girl! LOL!

Result Photo – Photo bombed by my little girl! LOL!

This past month things have been a bit busy for me…trying to purge the house of things we don’t need…..trying to make jewelry to sell….trying to keep the house tidy (and some attempts to do a good cleaning room by room)….trying to organize bill payment so we might catch up and still be able to get those necessary things done (like get the snow tires off the car and get hubby new boots that he needs)…..and I think, finally, we are heading in the right direction. 🙂

Last night was rough. I had just sat down and was starting to make some necklaces when our little guy woke up with an earache…got him his medicine and put him back to bed only to have him wake up an hour later crying in I grabbed some necessities and took him off to our local hospital ER…..and after 2.5 hrs we finally saw the doctor for like 2 minutes…got a prescription for antibiotics and drove home….I got up and did my 2 mile walk with Leslie Sansone….man she is a lifesaver on the days when I need to get in a good 30 minute workout but need it to be gentle.

Then I headed off to work at the preschool…but, not before I got my little guy to take a couple updated pictures! 🙂

After 56 Days (2 Months) of Exercising for at least 30 minutes every morning...and attempting to eat in moderation.

After 56 Days (2 Months) of Exercising for at least 30 minutes every morning…and attempting to eat in moderation.

I am definitely standing straighter!!!!

And on with the measurements!

Left Bicep – 13.5 inches —-same
Right Bicep – 13.5 inches —–same
Chest – 50.5—— same
Waist – 48.0 —– up 0.5
Hip – 50.0 inches—–down 1.5
Left Thigh – 26 inches—-down 1.0
Right Thigh – 26 inches——down 1.0

These results should definitely be more after two months and how much sweat I put in to my workouts, BUT, as everyone knows, I have not cut anything out of my diet…I am just trying to eat in moderation…and I definitely have had more slip ups recently. I am now working towards uping my daily exercise to 60 minutes a day…though as long as I still do my 30 minutes I will be happy…the strive for 60 minutes will really begin once school is out and I do not have to try to rush mornings. I am definitely also going to work harder on my meal choices….though like I have said before our budget does not accommodate being able to keep healthy stuff on hand.

I do see and feel a difference..especially in my face, arms and the slow flattening of my belly…not to mention that when doing my knee lifts I am no longer lifting a lower belly when I do them…not many people would talk about that part of being overweight/obese/chubby/fat/whatever….the lower belly hang that many of us get from gaining too much weight (and for the women – having children). The fact of the matter is though that when I first started working out, my belly hang was being lifted by my legs when I did the knee lifts…quite a disgusting but realistic situation. Now, though, I have minimal issues with this.

This is day #2 with taking the prebiotics. I do think they are helping with my sluggish feeling.

This is day #57 in my weightloss journey. Today I did the TurboFire15 Workout and Leslie Sansone’s 1 mile walk…ended up that the 2 workouts were about 42 minutes in total after stretching.

Please feel free to let me know how your journey is going!!! And keep in touch on my facebook blog page as I do post much more content there!

Have a great day everyone!! And remember, no matter what today brings, we can start anew tomorrow!!


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  1. It is so great to see that you are continuing on with your journey! You should feel so proud of yourself for all the work you have put in and 2 months of workingout! woot woot!!! way to go girl! keep it up.

    Great to read that you are setting a 60 minute goal…a great way to work up to that is to have a couple of days a week where you increase the length of your work out. some days at 30min, some at 45 and some at 60 – this will really help get you there and glad you are mixing in variety to your workouts! that is why you have been successful so far, not getting bored 😉

    I can see a difference in how your shirt fits, it looks like it is getting looser! way to go 😉 and your posture is awesome! good work!

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