My 100LB WeightLoss Journey Days 30 to 34

OKay so, I’ve been away for a few days. Not literally away..just away from blogging; and for those who are following my journey – My apologies. I just couldn’t seem to get on top of things and anxiety is still keeping me from getting everything done that I need to. It is incredibly frustrating! Not to mention the financial stress of things that seems to be playing a part right now. Really sucks when there are things you need to buy or pay for (like getting the winter tired off your car, or an oil change done, or new steel toed boots for hubby, and a new bra for yourself, etc etc) and you just can’t manage to scrounge up the funds because you’re already borrowing from Paul to pay Peter and vice versa….argh..that’ll be a whole ‘nother blog.

Okay now, on to the good stuff….here is a one month comparison picture, that I forgot to get posted (you’ll have to click on it to get a better view; I need to get hubby to show me how to use Adobe):


I know the changes are slight, but, after 1 month, I was already seeing results!

Day #34 is done and I now have been successful with working out every morning for the past 34 days! Yay!!! And last week I made the discovery –

I’m starting to lose weight!!!!!!!!

Finally..not just inches coming off. Last week I was only down 3LBS but now I am down 6LBS!!!! Wahooooo!
I have not measured yet, but when I get ready to do pictures for Month 2, I will do my measurements then..just to keep you all in suspense! ;-p

I have been redoing the same workouts, so nothing new to share. I’ll keep posting the youtube videos on my facebook page and here. Hopefully I will get some time this week to track down some new ones to try!

My flexibility is definitely coming back to me it is amazing how high I can kick again. Though I have found I have been winded a bit..perhaps asthma is going to come back and bite me a bit..hope not!

My little boy is awful sick with an ear infection and I am have a sore throat which is moving towards my ears…not a happy camper..oh well, I have to work tomorrow.

I have lots of other things that I shall soon start to blog about on separate pages of course, so stay tuned!

I truly wish you all sweet dreams this evening!


About ChaosAndSilence

#100LBWeightLossJourney New to Blogging Newbie Gamer on Twitch. Avid Contester Mother to 2, Wife of 6 years. Baking, photography, dancing, hiking, etc.

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  1. Congrats on your weight loss and keep up the great work. If you believe you can do it, you will make it happen 🙂

  2. Wow – your journey has been inspiring me. I suffer from binge eating also, and depression, and anxiety. I completely relate to your posts about eating, knowing its wrong, and continuing to do so anyway.
    If I can make a suggestion – for you to see great results, try focusing more on your food. More on the stuff you SHOULD be eating versus the stuff you should be eating. I am Eating Clean (for the most part – totally cheated this wee kend…can’t say no in a social setting, can I?). I eat more protein (lots of …quinoa. green yougurt and mangos in the morning, almond butter and apples, turkey burgers). In the end I eat more than I did before – which is good for a compulsive overeater, but it’s better used when I get around to working out (which pales in compariso to you!).

    • Thank you so much for your comments Connie! I really appreciate them! Hearing back that others face similar situations definitely helps my coping with everything because it helps me know that I am not alone with many of the anxiety issues that my family and friends do not understand. I tend to get the “suck it up” and “just deal with it” or “Well, I had to do it” attitudes, which definitely is not something someone with anxiety needs or wants to hear from those they love.

      I definitely eat more when I pay attention and am “on board” for the day…I had been snacking a lot on dried fruit and nut mixtures (that I made myself)… I am an extremely fussy eater and that is an obstacle that tends to create problems for me when making healthy food choices…I do not like yogurt, oatmeal, fish, and many other things that are healthier for me….so I pick what I can….and can afford..when I do my monthly shopping. This will always be a struggle, but, I know I can make it!

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