My 100LB WeightLoss Journey Day#18

Day #18

I don’t think I have ever made it this far with a weight loss commitment before. 18 days of exercising every morning?! Wow.
I can honestly say I do feel better once I get that workout done. I definitely have more energy and focus to get things accomplished, in the mornings (hahaha had to throw that in because come 3pm I could take a nap).
I am definitely standing/walking with a better posture and I am definitely noticing definition around my belly button area.
I know I can manage the exercising now, as it has become part of my routine…and I know when the day comes that I miss a workout, it’ll throw off my whole day.

Now, I need to focus more on the naughty snacking. I say “naughty” because I know better and know that I should be making better choices but I still choose to eat those not so great snacks.

I am drinking 1-2 bottles of water from the moment I wake up, through my workout and right after. Then I try to get two more in before lunch. Two bottles in the afternoon, and then two to three in the evening.

I need a couple new bras (an expense that is not available to be had right now).

I’d like to know how bloggers obtain free stuff from companies….because I’d give anything to review some weight loss stuff – videos, weights, mats, clothing, supplements, etc….

So, my New Balance sneakers are hanging in there so far. After my first two workouts my arches were definitely sore. They had not been used to proper support, but today they didn’t seem to bother me as bad. The sneakers are light weight and almost “springy” when you step. They also have a breathable, mesh-like material over the top of the foot which helps circulate air so your feet do not get so sweaty.

This morning I decided to do some extra time working out, I did 45 minutes in total.

I started with Slim Down Cardio Burn Workout posted by Redrita12’s Youtube Channel.

I have done this workout before and I really enjoy it. The male instructor has personality which is great. He keeps things light and fun and encourages you to keep going. This workout “flies” by so quickly, I was surprised when I only had 5 minutes of the 30 minutes left. It is fun to do! Also, I like the fact that he does not run his workout timer while he is talking, so you know exactly how long the actual workout is.

I started out trying the Burn Fat Fast: Cardio Workout on the BeFit channel on Youtube…but, I was so completely irritated by the instructors voice that I didn’t make it more than 3 minutes into the workout. LoL..check it out and let me know if you would be able to make it all the way through it…just curious if I am being picky or if anyone else finds her irritating…My apologies to whomever this lady is as I am sure she is great at what she does but, if I do not find the instructor enjoyable to listen to then I do not feel motivated and I cannot make it through the workout.

I followed the Slim Down workout with another workout from via the KozakSportsPerform Channel on Youtube. This time I did the 15 Minute Beginner Weight Training – Easy Exercises.
I found the exercises easy to do, and definitely could use a little heavier hand weight. I had to modify a bit as floor exercises are not something I do, yet. So I did standing positions and it still worked the same muscles..good thing I do have a bit of knowledge from past years of working out at a gym with a trainer.

All in all 45 minutes of working out done…now I am ready to get on with my day!

I think my hubby was trying to wake me up this morning….man was that coffee strong!!!! I’m blaming the amount of sugar I add to my coffee on him ;-p Blame blame blame….hahahahahahaha!

Oh, before I forget….Coach Kozak had a great message on the workout I did today and I really wanted to share it with you…so, here it is:

“My Strength Did Not Come From Lifting Weights. My Strength Came From Lifting Myself Up When I was Down”

Well, it’s getting close to bedtime for me..I am plum tuckered out…though the tv is so loud I doubt I’ll get to sleep….arrrghhh..somebody get hubby some new ears..LoL…I know it isn’t all him though..I noticed recently that a friend’s husband and children are the same way, they listen to the tv way too loud..I just find it plain irritating to the point that it makes me nauseous. However, I recently learned that this is actually a symptom of my IBS….weird…

So, I did good all day – even when we went to MacD’s drive thru. I ordered a large fry and small drink. I had 1/3 of the fries as they were gross and 3 chicken nuggets that my son decided he no longer wanted…now, normally, I would finish my fries and any that the kids had not ate no matter how crappy they tasted…but, today, I made it through and did not eat any more.

I’ve snacked tonight, some popcorn and two absolutely amazing chocolate cookies. Even though this is not over snacking for me, I’ll tack on some extra exercising or do a cardio boost tomorrow morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you all had a most fabulous day!!


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  1. Great job! I had a hard time drinking enough water each day, but I installed an android app to remind me once an hour to drink water. I drink two cups when I first wake up- to get my metabolism going. Then one cup an hour for the rest of the day. Grats on 18 days of working out! That is awesome!

    • Thank you so much!!! Yes, most days I get my water all taken care of..but there are days when, if it isn’t beside me, I forget about it. I like the app idea, they make apps for everything now don’t they? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. They do indeed. I love apps! Have you seen the app called Nexercise? It is a way to make exercising fun. You tell it what workout you’re doing, it has all of the Beachbody Programs in the program…which is awesome. You do your workout and it awards you points and when you are done with your get a prize! I’ll be honest..some of the prizes are just discounts which is lame, but a few times I have won Amazon MP3 credits! That of course is my favorite reward…so, just an idea. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the good work!

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