My 100LB WeightLoss Journey Day#10 Confrontation – Blogger Bullies Get Lost

Please note before reading – this post is a bit blah and not motivational, and I apologize for that and it will be the last one of its kind in my journey posts. But, this one is necessary.

So, I received my first piece of blogger HATE mail today. Well, it was a comment to my last post about Day#10.
I did not approve the comment because I did not want that kind of negativity around me and my readers. But, it also made me aware that I had posted negativity because I was upset, and that it does not belong posted within my journey blog…so I’ll be removing it and posting it onto a “rant” page where it belongs. Because the point of sharing my journey online is to inspire others, and I certainly can not do that by posting my rants within my motivational posts….kind of defeats the purpose. (I had their email posted here, and decided to delete it as, that would’ve lowered me to their level and I do not play that game) So, my little blogger bully, thank you for making me aware of that.

For those of you who have already read my post for Day#10 you will understand what I am writing about, for those of you who haven’t, you’ll have to go find it in my “rant” section.

I was completely and utterly overwhelmed and upset yesterday. I allowed things that were out of my control to affect me in a negative manner and *I* made the decision to eat some sweets, which at the time, did make me feel better. I was not placing blame on anyone for making me eat the sweets (which is just an absurd thought in itself). I shared that fact because that was part of my “rules” for my journey…to share those moments of weaknesses of eating sweets or not exercising, and also to share why chose to make those choices. It’s all about the process of becoming more aware of myself, my triggers and my weaknesses.

The thing that bothers me the most about this situation is the fact that it happens all the time. I watch it on facebook and quite honestly I find it ridiculous that there are people out there who have nothing better to do than to lay their personal judgements down on people, who quite honestly never asked them for their opinion in the first place. And that is being a bully.

If I ask you for your opinion on a situation or ask you a specific question…then please by all means give me your honest response. But, don’t just send me your negativity on what you think about me because of something I have written that has bothered you. I really don’t need or deserve that kind of response and I certainly didn’t ask for it.

This person also told me that I was placing blame on others for my child’s not having his lunch at school, even though I was not there and it was completely out of my control.If teacher’s are not there to help children when they need it, they should not be teaching. I do understand and realize they are overworked and stressed but, this was not our first incident with the school and it most likely will not be our last.

Blogger Bullies you need to be aware of what you are doing and STOP hating on people. I have seen too many young girls take their lives because of cyber bullies and no one deserves that. When you post a comment to someone saying “I’m not trying to make you angry” and then follow that by negativity and judgement, you are crushing that person (and if they have depression, anxiety, or other health issues – that makes this situation 10 times worse). There’s no “nice” way to lay your judgement down on someone. You just gave someone a reason to feel shitty about themselves…how do you feel about that?

All I can say is take it elsewhere because it is not wanted here. Thanks and like I said to the commenter – have a merry day! (I had to severely edit my first email, as much as I wanted to say rude things back, that would’ve just made me a bully too, and I am so much better than that!)

So, everyone, I do hope your day is going well, and I will see you tonight when I post about today Day #11! Wahoo!

xoxoxoxoxo ~H

ps: Negativity, you can take a hike now! (To my rant page anyways…everyone needs to rant and rave every once in awhile)


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#100LBWeightLossJourney New to Blogging Newbie Gamer on Twitch. Avid Contester Mother to 2, Wife of 6 years. Baking, photography, dancing, hiking, etc.

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