My 100LB Weightloss Journey Day #7 – End of Week One!!

Well, I’ve got to be honest..I failed in my good intentions of only having water last night…..there was a small bag of plain chips in the cupboard..and they were calling me….actually, I was sitting and watching a show and playing games on facebook…when I was overcome by one of my moments of “I’m starving!!!”….I felt SO I just had to have a snack…even though I knew better. So, I went and got that little bag of chips and out them in a bowl..and as I sat down, lost half of them on the floor – is that karma or what? LoL..I was so angry…I ate some gummi sharks…LOL.

I now am aware that at night when I get these moments of craving/panic attacks that I Can’t have anything…is actually my body telling me I am freakin tired and I should get a drink of water and go to bed. Like right now…I am in no way hungry at all and I am starting to have that panicky feeling and “need” to have a snack…when really I am just plain tuckered from a very busy day.

Anyhoo, so this morning when I woke up. I “punished” myself for having that late night snack of 1/2 snack bowl of chips and some gummi sharks. I didn’t really punish myself…I followed through on my committment to add on exercise time if I over indulged….which is what that late night snack was.
I did the Turbo Fire 60minute workout(can’t remember exactly which one it is, but I think it is the only 60min one on the disc)…I had issues with this workout…mainly that the camera kept switching views as Chalene was changing moves..and thus I was unable to properly learn the routine and attempt to do a modified keep-up. But, nonetheless I prevailed and did the whole 60 minutes of exercise.

Then I had an appointment with my OB to talk about an ultrasound I had done on my ovaries and other lady insides. My cysts are stagnant at 4cm and because they are benign, they shall remain there. If they grow to be above 8cm then they might consider removal but, for now…everything looks okay.

Oh…and while I was there….I did a weigh in….2 lbs gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!

SO, 7 days of exercising and sort of paying attention to what I am eating and not overindulging resulted in 2 lbs off.. not bad if I do say so myself.
Now, if you’re thinking, “well, if you hadn’t had those snacks, and had cut this out and that out, just think how much extra you would have lost”……you can shut your brain up right now. Because if I had done that…I would have quit by now.I am in no rush to lose the 100lbs as that is really not my focus of this whole process. Losing inches is WAY more important then losing LBS…and if you step daily or even weekly on a scale…you need to stop torturing yourself. There are way too many factors that go into body weight to make losing lbs your focus….for example…muscle weighs more than fat……water retention….water weight itself….etc. Your body weight will go up and down during a weightloss program…your body has to adjust to the changes….
Stop focusing on losing weight. Focus on gaining muscle and losing inches. 🙂

You need to change your way of thinking to be able to make any program successful for you and what your challenges are. I have become aware of at least three for me:
1)Eating carbs at bedtime is NOT good.
2)Trying to cut out the snacks I love – IMPOSSIBLE
3)Feeling panicky about needing to eat = tired
And once you learn what some of your negative thought/behaivour issues are, you can then start retraining your brain and then your actions. You can overcome any barrier once you are aware of what it is….but, it will take time.
This is why I STRONGLY do not believe in trying to completely change your diet and cut out foods you enjoy eating. Someday, it’s going to backfire and you’re not going to be able to stand following your “healthy” program anymore and then your body is going to boomerang and you’ll be right back where you were to begin with if not worse…why do you think so many people who have been on weight loss tv shows end up back out of shape eventually? Because they are FORCED to give up to much too quickly when they do not want to.

It’s like I told a girl today about quitting smoking: I quit in October 2010 because I got VERY sick and I just decided at that moment that it was time to quit and I never bought another pack nor have I smoked a cigarette since. HOWEVER, if I were to light one up, I would be completely back to smoking on a regular basis…so I have to keep pushing through that desire and NOT do it…and it eventually goes away for awhile but, it comes back frequently. And I really think it is because I forced myself to do it, instead of really wanting to quit.

So, work out done, being accountable done, ummmm…no oversnacking (so far)…..did I get it all? Hope so because I really need to go to bed….busy day again tomorrow!
Hugs & Kissez!


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#100LBWeightLossJourney New to Blogging Newbie Gamer on Twitch. Avid Contester Mother to 2, Wife of 6 years. Baking, photography, dancing, hiking, etc.

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