My 100LB WeightLoss Journey – Day#2 Continued

So, Day #2 started off GREAT…and then some stuff crept up that made me lose my happy funk I was in…I got slowed down by anxiety and being interrupted with what I was doing and then I found that I just could not get back into the groove of what I needed and wanted to get done.

But, then I took a step back and went and made some supper and played a few games of snap and a matching pairs game with my little girl…whom was in her little happy go lucky – sing songy self and I was able to breathe in that moment and let go of what I wasn’t getting do what NEEDED to be done.

My husband will tell you that he constantly tries to tell me to do that, that everything will eventually get done and not to stress over it…..unfortunately my anxiety won’t let me “not focus on it”(because *I* am the one that eventually still has to get it done)…at least most days it won’t. Moments when I can sit back and be “in the moment” and not think about what I should be doing, are few and far between. But, when I am able to tap into them, they are wonderful! Talk about being filled with gratefulness.

Anyhoo, back to my day….I had lots of time to think about this whole process, the things I want to share with you…one thing that became apparent to me today is that I was getting a message loud and clear in my head to share the following with you:

I do NOT count calories, nor will I ever count calories.
I will NEVER stop eating the things I enjoy. I will learn to eat them in moderation or suffer the wrath of extra exercise (like I did today…we’ll talk about that later).
I will never be a runner…I get shin splints and I hate running…plus my boobs are too big to run…well, they are!
I do NOT like to exercise…however..there are forms of exercise and physical activity that I can enjoy doing because of necessity. I do enjoy things like dancing and hiking and swimming – I do NOT consider myself to be exercising when I do those things, even though in reality I am.
When I look in the mirror I do NOT recognize the person I have “grown into”. I still feel like my old skinny self stuck inside this big bloppy shell that has now become my body. I have since seen some recent photos which have enlightened me, to say the least. I also know I have lost a part of myself somewhere inside this body and I am going to find her!
I have no desire to start eating whole wheat products….or fish…..or many other things….I am a fussy eater and there are many foods on my “I will never eat that” list…..and I really don’t care that you just ate a tofu and alfa alfa sprout – brown rice wrap and it was so delicious….wtf?! No thanks! I’ll have some real food please.
I do not think making food the enemy is a smart thing to do. The food didn’t really do this to me…my overeating and lack of exercising did this to me….So, to start limiting yourself to what you eat is only setting yourself up for failure….someday in the future you will fall…Don’t say “I can’t eat that”…YES! Yes you can!! You can eat anything you want as long as you make yourself aware and learn to eat in moderation(this has been my BIGGEST challenge). If you want to eat 2 slices of pizza – go ahead! Just make sure that you up your exercise and don’t eat it every day! Having a treat is okay(it’ll keep you sane!)…don’t try to quit cold’ll boomerang yourself into a panic… I know…I have felt the panic of not having treats in the house and then scrounging up change to buy something….what a horrible feeling that is and sad situation…being so addicted to something like food.

I quit smoking in October 2010. I got really sick and decided to quit cold turkey…It sucked…I managed..and to this day have not had one since. Do I still crave them? Absolutely! I’d give just about anything to sit back and light one up and take a breath in…and as much as that thought disgusts me..I also can almost feel the relaxation of that moment wash over me…smoking was my break from everything…my 5 minutes of peace to just “breathe”…so then I found a new vice…snacking at night…rather…over snacking in general. And it definitely spiraled out of control and now I crave snacks at different moments in my day..usually when I am sitting here in front of the computer trying to get stuff done.

Let’s get on with today’s goals shall we and see how I did:

Okay so here’s my list of things I want to set as my daily goals while on this journey:

1) 30 minutes of exercise EVERY day. This means breaking a sweat, not just a leisurely stroll.

I accomplished this early this morning (see my first post about Day#2) and it got the blood flowing through my body and I felt GREAT afterwards!

2) Limit as much as I possibly can, the extra snack foods I would normally consume, and post any that I do eat.

2 small brownies (no frosting/homemade)

3) If I eat an extra, I need to commit to an extra 30 minutes of exercise.

Yep, I did the crime so I did my time!! We needed bread so I walked to town and back 60 minutes done!!!

4) No eating past 8pm at night, no excuses.

I finished my last snack right around 7:45pm…and I am thinking I might change this rule. The new rule for nighttime snacking is: I have to finish my last snack at least 2-3hrs prior to going to bed. I would like to still be able to have popcorn and healthier snack options at night after the kids are in bed and I can actually sit and enjoy a movie.

Check out this site for more info on bedtime snacking: “Eating Before Bed”

5) Document everything and hold myself accountable because nobody else can!

DONE! 🙂 Day #2 done done done! Wahooooooooo!

Sweet Dreams! xoxoxoxox

Ps: I cannot wait to get my new sneakers from a contest I won a few months ago…proper footwear is a must!
My poor heels are yelling at me right now for wearing my everyday shoes for my walk to town….noodle!


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